Immigration Enforcement

Liberal Huckabee Says Immigration Enforcement ‘Sheer Folly’ Wants Amnesty

 Federal Level:

2006: Supported President Bush’s immigration plan and claimed that opposition to Bush’s proposal was driven by “racism or nativism” and that it wasn’t amnesty. (Ralph Hallow, “Huckabee ‘Serious’ About Presidency,” Washington Times, 5/17/06)

Wrote in his 2007 book that implementing strict enforcement of immigration laws “would be sheer folly” and that it made sense to give “those here illegally a process through which they pay a reasonable fine in admission of their guilt for the past infraction of violating our border laws and agree to adhere to a pathway toward legal status and citizenship.” (Mike Huckabee, From Hope to Higher Ground, 2007, p. 117-118)

In Arkansas:

As Governor, Huckabee fought for in-state tuition and taxpayer funded scholarships for illegal immigrants. He opposed legislation to require proof of citizenship in order to obtain public benefits and to vote. He vocally opposed a raid on a factory in Arkansas that employed illegal immigrants. And he led an effort to bring a Mexican Consulate to Arkansas – one of the main functions of the Consulate would be to issue identification cards to Mexicans living, both legally and illegally, in the U.S.


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  1. Huckabee has a reasonable attitude toward illegal immigration. I’m a lifelong Republican, a born-again evangelical Christian, and one of my biggest gripes with my party is the unreasonable “deport ’em all” attitude that has prevailed for years. Now is the time for a more nuanced and reasonable approach.

    Comment by fisticmystic | November 25, 2007

  2. abviously huckabee is big time flipflapper,he is just another extremist/prejudist chritian who hate other peolple who does’nt look him or have the believed as him,if the American people serious about change,peace,and reunified the nation.the should not vote for some body like mike hukabee becuase together we are stronger . aba hukabee vive freedom .

    Comment by jean mary | January 17, 2008

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