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Immigration Groups Having An Effect On Huckabee On The Ground In Iowa

From Diggers Realm:

By Digger

The Iowa initiative being held over the past 4 days by ALIPAC, Voice of the People USA, 9/11 Families for a Secure America, 20 talk radio stations and FAIR are having an impact on Mike Huckabee and his numbers are falling like a rock!

Mitt Romney has regained the lead in Iowa after the 4 day mission to expose Huckabee for the fraud he is regarding illegal immigration.

Arizona Republic

… Mitt Romney has regained the lead among Iowa Republicans as Mike Huckabee has lost momentum and support, even among the evangelical Christians who had propelled him into the top spot just weeks ago….

[Brad Coker of Mason-Dixon Polling & Research] said, “Romney has rebounded, and the Huckabee bubble may have burst.

“Last time, Huckabee was getting all the good press and nobody had put him under any scrutiny. . . . Now he’s under the spotlight, and he’s started to wilt a little.”

This is absolutely great news and my hat is off to the groups who have been out there on the ground going door to door and making phone calls.

This just in from William Gheen of ALIPAC

Our team in Iowa has conducted over 25 talk radio interview broadcasts into Iowa and other locations around the nation. We have kept our message clear that Huckabee is trying to deceive the voters, is pro-amnesty, favors benefits for illegals, and that the endorsement of solo Minuteman Jim Gilchrist is opposed by our movement. Absolutely NO leaders have joined him in his support of the Huckster.Huckabee has Gilchrist on the media bus with him traveling across Iowa to try and deceive voters about his current and past stances on illegal immigration.

ALIPAC has purchased a barrage of radio ads that will run on Tuesday and Wednesday, which will reinforce our message. We have targeted 43,000 likely Republican voter households with our message and received a 6 to 1 feedback in our favor.

Our efforts are having an impact. Huckabee’s numbers are dropping rapidly. We must prove that our collective efforts can expose a fraud and that being on the wrong side of this issue will cost a candidate their chances at winning.

I hope Huckabee loses and I hope all candidates look around and realize that Americans have had enough of the same lip service regarding illegal immigration. His record speaks for itself and nothing he can say will ever change that.

Good job guys!

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The Dallas Morning News Names the Illegal Immigrant as 2007 Texan of the Year

From Freedom Folks:

DALLAS, Dec. 28 /PRNewswire/ — The Dallas Morning News will name the illegal immigrant as its Texan of the Year in the paper’s Sunday, December 30 editions. The newspaper’s Editorial Board recognizes the myriad, profound ways in which this group of people impacts Texas, ranging from the economy to politics to the most basic sense of culture. Lamenting that “there seems to be little middle ground in [the] debate,” the Board notes that “spectacular fights over their presence … broke out across Texas this past year, adding to the national pressure cooker as only Texas can.”

“Everything’s bigger in Texas, and history and geography guarantee that the immigration problem is no different. And many issues are flaring sooner here,” the editorial reads, as it dedicates unusual length to explore all sides of the issue and put a face on the people at the center of the debate. “Illegal immigration exacerbates the natural tension in American society by injecting more change than can be absorbed — and by defying laws designed to control the rate of change,” the editorial reads.

“The story of the illegal immigrant in Texas is rich in history,
complexity and controversy, and the impact on the state is pervasive,” said Keven Ann Willey, vice president and editorial page editor of The Dallas Morning News. “Because of this complexity, and also because of their illegal status, it was not possible for us to call out a single individual, but as the Board debated it became clear to us that as a group, these people merited recognition.”

You can red some reader comments at the editors blog here.

I thought this one summed it up nicely…

Unbelievable that you would pick a group of ILLEGAL NON-TEXANS as your “Texan” of the year. Clearly you’re not Texan yourselves and have no concern for what those of us who are would feel over this kind of selection. I guess we should not be surprised given that Time picked Putin, but We won’t miss you when your organization is no longer around. This type of “reporting” is symbolic of your views, which don’t match those of your readers. Take a look at your circulation and ad numbers and hire some new “reporters”. More…

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Why enable illegal activity?

Richard Stevens is a Republican state senator from Cary. He opposes allowing illegal immigrants admission to community colleges and universities. He responded to several of the arguments that proponents make for giving illegal immigrants access to higher education.


“The key word in all of this discussion and debate, which folks seem to be forgetting, is ‘illegal.’ It is against the law for them to be in our country. Americans don’t get free tuition when we travel in other countries. Why should we build a reward system that encourages illegal activity? We need to fix our immigration policy. Let’s bring people here legally, and then we’ll address all the problems. We’ve been a generous nation for centuries, but we’ve done it legally. … We’re trying to fix things in a piecemeal way at the state level, and that’s not going to work.”


“We have a waiting list of North Carolinians, taxpayers, who would like to go to our community colleges, and they can’t. We’ve got North Carolinians who want to send their children to UNC-Chapel Hill, and they get denied. Every seat that is given to an illegal immigrant is taking the seat from a North Carolinian who is a taxpayer, and that is wrong.”

“Competition is fine, and immigration is fine. Our country was built on immigration. The key difference here is that we’re talking about people in this country illegally.”


“How are they going to get a job? It’s illegal to get a job if they don’t have legal status. Go look at our university system. There’s a very elaborate process to verify citizenship to become an employee. We’re training people for what? Jobs they can’t get. We’re building false hope.”


“By the time they go to the university, they’re adults. They’re still illegal, and now they’re an adult illegal.” Stevens said they should return to their home countries.


“County taxpayers pay for the buildings. Tuition doesn’t cover the cost of those buildings. Look at the total cost of the education, not just the instructional cost. Look at the buildings, the overhead costs of the programs, the operating costs. Even out-of-state people are subsidized”


“I can’t imagine, in my wildest imagination, the General Assembly of this state passing a bill to give in-state tuition to illegal immigrants. So if you’re going to do a study and you know the outcome, you’re wasting your time, in my opinion.”


“Young people right now are applying to colleges in this state. Here’s a parent who has been paying taxes in this state for years, and the spot their child would like to take is going to be taken by someone who’s here illegally. And then we’re suggesting subsidizing that? It angers people.”


All rights reserved. This copyrighted material may not be published, broadcast or redistributed in any manner. Link…

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Breaking News: SOS Member Arrested — Domestic Terrorism Charges!

From Freedom Folks

Not a lot of detail thus far, this in from our friend Chelene…

Save Our State Member arrested for “domestic terrorism”!!! Home raided yesterday!!! Computer confiscated!! Rifles confiscated!! Today arrest warrant was issued for weapons charges!! The weapons were LEGAL!!!! Rifles purchased at a public sports shop LEGALLY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!This all started with a post on the Save Our State forum!!!!! SOS site is apparently “monitored”!!!

Our member is stating “political prisoner”!!! Attorney stating bogus charges.

For now name will remain anonymous! Arraignment on Wednesday!! We need donations ASAP for member’s defense fund. Please send all donations to Save Our State, P.O. Box 91000, San Bernardino, CA 92427. Please mark for SOS Member Defense Fund.

Thank you!!!!

SOS thread here.

Immigration Watchdog is watching the story as well here.

Will update when we learn more…

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Governor Schwarzenegger, Release Illegal Alien Criminals Back to their Homes Not Ours

The Sacramento Bee reported Thursday that the Governor will ask the state legislature to authorize the release of 22,000 “non-serious” and “non-violent” offenders into our communities. The plan would save the state about $250 million annually.

Who are these “non-serious” non-violent” felons?

According to former state Sen. Jim Nielsen who chaired the California Board of Prison Terms from 1991 to 2000 and later served as Deputy Commissioner until 2007, the law considers human trafficking, child abuse, domestic violence, pimping a child for prostitution, solicitation to commit murder, elder abuse, hate crimes, torturing and killing a domestic animal, manufacturing methamphetamines, armed burglary, firearms felonies, sending Internet porn to minors, creation of child pornography, solicitation of rape and child molestation as non-serious and non-violent crimes.

Ask a battered wife or abused child if they were the victims of violence at the hands of one of these non-serious – non-violent criminals, and you’ll likely get a very different answer than the Schwarzenegger administration is now giving.

Guess how many inmates should not be in our correctional institutions or in our state for that matter?

According to various estimates from the Center for Immigration Reform, the Federation for American Immigration Reform and the Government Accounting Office, illegal aliens account from 15 to 18% of our inmate population. California offers free room and board to 173,000 inmates. If we take the lower estimate of the illegal alien incarcerated population the number should be roughly 26,000 inmates. Strikingly this number is very close to the target set by the Governor.

According to a report from the California Joint Committee on Prison Construction and Operations – California and its regional governments spend more than $500 million a year to arrest and imprison illegal aliens. The cost of incarcerating illegal aliens in California is twice the amount of money that the Governor would like to save by releasing 22,000 felons. The report estimates the total legal costs of crimes committed in California by people who are not legal U.S. residents is estimated to be between $1 billion to $1.5 billion a year. Think about the cost of property losses, lost wages due to injuries, insurance payments, medical payment; and emotional and psychological treatment to innocent victims and how that could swell the dollar amount that we are given. In addition to dollar amounts, how can we calculate the damage to our quality of life at the hands of illegal aliens harming us, our environment and our way of life?

What are our chances of getting harmed by the release of thousands of inmates?

CSUSD Professor Paul Sutton on a 2007 research paper documented a 70% recidivism rate for California inmates; a figured echoed by Governor Schwarzenegger in a June 2007 interview with the Washington Post. Los Angeles County Sheriff Leroy Baca, was quoted today as saying that releasing those 22, 000 inmates was going to seriously increase crime in the county.

The Governor and the legislature know full well that you and I have an excellent chance of being victimized by one of these 22,000 felons.

Another thing to consider is that illegal aliens loose in our streets cost us far more than citizens and legal permanent residents do, even criminal ones. Deported illegal aliens would result in permanent savings and a much better solution for a Governor that is rumored to aspire to the U.S. Senate. Illegal aliens cost the state taxpayers $10.5 billion annually in services according to CIS and other sources. Illegal aliens are less likely to have health insurance and Workman’s compensation than citizens holding a valid Social Security number, because their employers have hired them in order to exploit them and give them few if any benefits. To make up for that lack of care from the employers, illegal aliens turn to social services and us the taxpayers or in some cases us the crime victims. According to the U.S. Justice Department up to 40% of illegal aliens do not report income to the state or federal government because they fear apprehension and because they do not have a valid Social Security number. That is a lot of income not generating tax revenue.

Fortunately there is a solution that is practical, economical and fair to the citizens of the state.

I ask that the Governor enroll the prison system in the federal government’s E-Verify program. The E-Verify program is a free and easy to use online system that will verify person’s immigration and legal resident status.

The second suggestion is for the Governor to call the Department of Homeland Security Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) and have the illegal aliens in our prisons picked up and deported.

So Governor, here are the telephone numbers:

(1) E-Verify Program 888-464-4218

(2) Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) 866-347-2423

For our citizens that are concerned about the Governor and the Legislature’s missteps in protecting us from economic and personal harm, the Governor’s office telephone number is 916-445-4341

Read More…

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NC Voice Challenges county commissioners to solve problem of illegal alien contractors

Staff Writer-Alamance News
December 20, 2007

An argument over unreturned phone calls has driven a wedge between county officials who oppose illegal immigration and a like minded activist group with concerns about businesses that it says operate in the county illegally.

NC Voice, which formed over the summer in response to the immigration debate, has denounced the county for its alleged unresponsiveness to a request that it recently made for a meeting with the county commissioners.

The group, which is based in Swepsonville, approached the commissioners two weeks ago to announce that its members have dug up numerous violations of tax and licensure rules, which the group says a number of businesses are committing right under the noses of county officials.

Mike Kelley, a spokesman for NC Voice, asked the commissioners for a private meeting so he could show them evidence of violations that he said his group has uncovered. Several of the commissioners said at the meeting that they’d gladly meet with the group, although Kelley insists that he hasn’t heard back from anyone on the county’s governing board.

“It implies that they’re sandbagging us,” Kelley explained in an interview. “I think two weeks was quite enough time to give them an opportunity to contact us.”

Kelley has posted a stinging indictment of the county on his organization’s website. His post is especially critical of Alamance County’s manager, David I. Smith, who apparently declined to arrange a meeting between Kelley and the commissioners.

Kelley’s online rebuke hasn’t won him much sympathy from one commissioner who has been particularly outspoken on the issue of the illegal immigration.

Commissioner Tim Sutton excoriated the group’s spokesman for attack on the county as well as his expectation that the commissioners would meet with him before he disclosed any of the evidence that NC Voice has collected.

“We’re playing childish games here,” Sutton said in an interview. “He’s trying to portray us as not being forthright enough. I don’t think he understands the process.”

Kelley was more optimistic about the county’s interest two weeks ago when he appeared at a commissioners’ meeting with his request. Kelley told the commissioners that his group had found numerous businesses that weren’t licensed or properly listed for tax purposes. He told them that he had already brought these findings to the attention of federal officials, who advised him to share the information with local government leaders and return to them if nothing happened within 7 to 10 days.

Kelley’s request got an immediate response from commissioner Bill Lashley, who publicly announced that he wanted to hear what the group had to say. Kelley said he was later approached by commissioner Ann Vaughan, who also seemed interested in his information. The commissioners instructed Kelley to give his contact information to Alamance County’s manager, David I. Smith, who Kelley said was supposed to get back with him and set up a meeting.

Kelley said that he didn’t hear from the county manager for more than a week, and when Smith finally did call him, he declined to let the group’s spokesman meet with the commissioners in private. Kelley said he was informed that the commissioners couldn’t see him behind closed doors because it would violate the state’s Open Meetings Law.

The group’s spokesman added that the county manager was skeptical the group’s information was even within the county’s jurisdiction.

“He said it was a municipal matter,” Kelley said in an interview. “It just seems like an endless circle with everyone pointing at everyone else, and they’re not doing anything. So, we’re closing the loop.”

Kelley said that the county manager told him he’d share his contact information with the commissioners, who were welcome to speak with him if they wanted. The group’s spokesman said that he never heard from anyone on the county’s governing board. He added that he tried to contact the commissioners himself but never got past their answering machines. He acknowledged that he didn’t bother to leave any messages for the commissioners.

Smith couldn’t be reached for a comment before press time this week. But Sutton said he has already discussed NC Voice’s concerns with the county manager, and he said that Smith couldn’t respond to Kelley’s concerns because Kelley wouldn’t reveal any specifics about the information his group has collected.

“We’ve asked for that information repeatedly, and he did not provide it,” the commissioner said. “My advise would be to give this information to Clyde Albright, the assistant county attorney, and see if there’s anything he can do.”

Sutton said that he asked to see the group’s information long before Kelley approached the commissioners two weeks ago. He added that he and Kelley spoke shortly after NC Voice formed over the summer, although he said that he and the group’s spokesman have since had a falling out. Sutton acknowledged that he never called Kelley after Smith gave the resident’s contact information to the commissioners.

Kelley said that he is reluctant to distribute this information too widely because it includes serious allegations, which he and the group’s other members are still trying to corroborate.

Kelley said that NC Voice has evidence that about 70 businesses are operating without privilege licenses or tax listings and some even lack personal tax listings in Alamance County. He added that some of these businesses have nothing to do with illegal immigrants, although he added that others appear to serve or belong to people who are in this country illegally.

Kelley declined to provide any details about these businesses to The Alamance News. He said that much of this data was obtained over the phone from local government offices, and he added that he and the group’s other members are now trying to validate that the reports are, in fact, accurate. He said that the information will be made public as soon as the vetting is over.

Kelley said that he’d like to provide this information to the commissioners in an open meeting but said he’s uncomfortable releasing the names of the companies at this time. Even so, he said that he’d still like to get a response from someone within the county government.

“We’re not attacking the commissioners on this issue,” the group’s spokesman said; “we just want to be heard as citizens of the county.”

As most folks familiar with this type situation are already aware, when confronted in one locality with potential discovery and arrest, the perpetrators simply pick up and move to a new community, stick a new magnetic sign on the truck, print up a few business cards and they are back in business! We did not want to simply send our problems to our neighbors, we wanted to solve them. The information I was given growing up led me to believe that was why we elected leadership in the first place, but as Mr. Sutton so eloquently stated, “I don’t think he (me) understands the process”.

Alamance County officials are very proud of their 287g program, and rightly so. Believing however that the 287g program is an end-all do-all is a fallacy; the truth is that you have to arrest before you can identify and deport. We were hoping that tax evasion and fraud were grounds for arrest, but It’s starting to look like those laws only apply to lawful citizens.

I can’t tell you how many people have said to me, “If that were me doing that I’d have been arrested long ago!” One businessman told me he was late filing a tax form on his business because it was apparently lost in the mail and he almost got arrested and closed down. Don’t guess I need to tell you how mad he is over this, and I imagine the city and county officials will be getting a little feedback from him and a few others.

I’m a little confused about Commissioner Sutton being quoted as having asked for the information repeatedly but that I did not provide it. By his own admission he has not even spoken to me since August, and we didn’t even have the information collected at that time. I suppose he may have solicited it from another group member, but they were all advised to keep the information confidential until such time as we received a reply from the Feds. We didn’t want to interfere with any investigation they may have begun, and frankly it seemed pretty obvious no one in local government was motivated to action in spite of TV coverage, a large group of protesters, William Gheen, and Ron Woodard shouting at them from the Courthouse steps on a Saturday afternoon in August!

By the way, that was the bone of contention that Mr. Sutton referred to as a “falling out”. I’ll show him more courtesy than he offered in his last interview and forego any direct quotes at this time, but I assure you he was more polite to the Burlington Police Chief recently than he was to me when he found out ALIPAC would be represented at the August Rally.

I’ll also say that I have been severely criticized for “ruffling some feathers” locally, but I though it a courtesy to “ruffle” them now, rather than watch them “plucked” later. We have a majority on the Board of Commissioners coming up for re-election in 2008 and I think it a disservice to their distinguished record to be shooed away from dealing with this thorny issue by Mr. Sutton or Mr. Smith. I still hope to hear from some of them in order to move forward on this and other issues, and my understanding is that there are a few other citizens organizing locally as well with some questions of their own.

All the citizens of Alamance County deserve the support of their government, and we can’t all squeeze into gated communities, West Burlington, or the growing Mebane metropolitan area as our smaller bedroom communities become less clean, less safe, and less marketable. Hard times require hard choices, and I think most working folks recognize that hard times are upon us. Let’s all agree that there is a growing problem, and put our heads together to solve it. 

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New Hampshire Senator Bob Smith announcing his endorsement of Duncan Hunter for President

Dear New Hampshire Friends:
After spending several weeks listening to all of the candidates, I have decided to support Congressman Duncan Hunter for President. I do not take this decision lightly. There are a lot of fine men running for this office and I know that many of you may have already made your choice.Your vote in the “First in the Nation Primary” is a very precious and personal right. Your decision will likely determine who will be the next leader of the free world. What an awesome responsibility! I only ask that you give serious consideration to the points that I make in this letter of endorsement for Congressman Hunter before you vote.
The Republican Party, but more importantly our nation, needs strong conservative and inspirational leadership as we continue to face the threats to our liberty in the form of immorality, corruption, terrorism, a mountain of debt, border insecurity, loss of jobs and attempts to weaken our national defense. Here is why Duncan Hunter is that leader!

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Tom Tancredo’s exit; Update: Endorses Romney

By Michelle Malkin • December 20, 2007 12:39 PM

Update 4:35pm Eastern. Tancredo tells Cavuto that Romney’s immigration plan is “viable, that he’ll stick with it, and that he has the best shot.”

Update 3:10pm Eastern. A source tells me Tancredo has endorsed Romney. Still checking.

Yep. More from the Des Moines Register:

U.S. Rep. Tom Tancredo announced today he’s ending his long-shot bid for the White House.

The Colorado Republican made his exit from the race official at a press conference this afternoon in downtown Des Moines. He’ll throw his support behind GOP candidate Mitt Romney, he said.

And via Allah, Rep. Tancredo will be on Neil Cavuto’s show today at 4pm Eastern to talk about his decision.

Will be interesting to see how he squares his endorsement now with his campaign’s criticism of Romney for supporting amnesty in July.

Rep. Steve King endorsed Thompson when Romney expected it. Rep. Tancredo endorsed Romney defying some expectations that Thompson would get his vote.

Lots of interesting back stories to be told someday.

Update 3:03pm Eastern. Tancredo speaks. Despite his warning about the clear and present danger of open borders, his message “has fallen on deaf ears in the highest office of the land.” He’s ecstatic about the fact that great progress has been made during his presidential campaign. “The Tancredo campaign has already won,” he says, quoting Newsweek’s assessment.

It’s expected that GOP Rep. Tom Tancredo of Colorado will drop out of the GOP presidential race this afternoon. The “major announcement” will be made in Des Moines at 2pm Central time.

Some observers suggest that Tancredo, like friend and fellow immigration enforcement advocate Iowa GOP Rep. Steve King, might throw his support to Fred Thompson. Would Tancredo’s supporters follow? It’s not a given. Three other candidates–Duncan Hunter, Mitt Romney, and Ron Paul– rank higher than Thompson in Numbers USA’s assessment of the candidates’ proven records on immigration and border security (as opposed to their election-year promises).

Tancredo has led immigration enforcement forces in recent years, but he’s more than a single-issue lawmaker. Among presidential candidates, he scored the highest on the American Conservative Union’s lifetime record ratings. And as National Review former editor John O’Sullivan put it in October when Tancredo announced his retirement from the House:

But immigration is not the sole issue of concern to Tom. He is a conservative across the board. And conservatives who differ with him on immigration can still rest assured that his voice and vote will support their general issues. When the immigration debate took off for the second time two years ago, some on the “open borders” side quietly dismissed Tom as one of the Yahoos who were supposedly the main opponents of the legislation. Tom may occasionally have misspoken, as we all do. But the barnstorming talk he gave to the “values voters” showed that there was real political talent in this modest American. So does his command of his constituency. With almost the entire national, state, and media establishment against him, he still racks up overwhelming victories at home. If he had not decided to retire Congress of his own accord, he could have held the seat until death supervened.

Tancredo’s exit comes as Congress guts the border fence, the Border Patrol remains under siege, and shamnesty proponent John McCain rebounds. Where do conservatives who take homeland security seriously turn?

I don’t need a candidate with whom I agree on 100 percent of the issues. At the very least, however, I’d like a candidate who doesn’t share the Left’s utter contempt for, apathy, or sheer condescension toward grass-roots Republicans and immigration enforcement activists. Character counts. Steadfastness counts. A spine would help. So would genuine passion and energy.

Tom Tancredo has all of that. He’ll continue to play an important role in American life, perhaps in the U.S. Senate. Because of his relentless crusading for secure borders and restoration of the rule of law, immigration will not disappear from the presidential race’s radar screen after his exit–despite the GOP elite’s fervent desire that the issue die down and noisy activists go away.

For that, we owe him great thanks. Link…

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Alamance officials refuse to enforce laws to drive out illegal alien businesses

December 19, 2007

ON Tuesday December 11, 2007 NC Voice was contacted by Alamance County Commissioner David Smith in regards to a prior commitment December 3rd by County Commissioners Lashley and Vaughn to meet with us. The discussion focused on our formal request to present to the Commissioners details of our informal investigation into complaints of a large number of alleged unlicensed businesses operating within the county.

Evidence was easily uncovered that supported claims of over seventy(70) businesses operating locally, doing business with no privilege license, no business tax listing, and in many cases the individuals did not even have personal tax listings on file in Alamance County.

Although County Manager Smith was advised of the content of our intended disclosure, he declined to schedule a meeting with Commissioners stating, “The county is currently doing all it can on this issue. We are restricted by state and federal laws defining our actions. There will be no meeting scheduled, however those Commissioners who are interested could certainly contact you (NC Voice) on their own as citizens. I will see that they get your contact information.”

A brief discussion with Thomas Murawski at the Alamance News earlier in the morning revealed that Commissioner Sutton had also expressed to him an interest in seeing our data, but to date no Commissioner has come forward expressing any interest.

Currently, we are preparing similar presentations for the cities of Burlington, Graham, and Mebane. They will be delivered to officials of those municipalities as soon as they are completed, certainly no later than early January. Meantime, we encourage Alamance County residents to reach out to your elected officials and ask them to look into the matter. The craftsmen and laborers being put out of business are your friends and neighbors, and the tax revenues being lost are made up from your wages. Isn’t it time you spoke out with your NC Voice? Link…

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Leaders Rebuke Minuteman’s Endorsement of Mike Huckabee for President

December 17, 2007

Contact: Americans for Legal Immigration PAC (ALIPAC), (866) 329-3999,

The immigration enforcement movement, which is made up of hundreds of organizations, was stunned to hear of Minuteman Co-Founder, Jim Gilchrist’s, endorsement of pro-amnesty Presidential candidate Mike Huckabee and over 80 organization leaders have signed a letter rebuking him for the endorsement.

The letter, found at, also rebukes Mike Huckabee’s deplorable record in favor of amnesty for illegal aliens, supporting in-state tuition for illegal aliens, and his verbal attacks on Americans who support enforcement of immigration laws. Signatures include those of the Executive Board of Minuteman Project and the Co-Founder of the Minutemen, Chris Simcox, as well as many independent Minuteman groups.

Copy of Letter and List of 80 Organizations Signed

While Huckabee has released a 9 point immigration plan which appears to be strong on enforcement, the plan lies when it claims that illegal aliens would be given 120 days to leave the US and get in line. His plan imitates the pro-enforcement positions of Mark Krikorian of the Center for Immigration Studies, but in truth, Huckabee intends for illegal aliens to leave for a day and then return legally.

Huckabee’s true intentions to provide illegal aliens with a ‘touch back’ amnesty is found in his interview with Fox News Sunday: “Choosing the President” which aired on Dec 9, 2007 where he states…

“Look, if we can get a credit card application done within hours, it shouldn’t take years to get a work permit to come here and pick lettuce… You do have a pathway to get back here legally that would take days, maybe weeks, not years.”

“Americans want illegal aliens to leave as the current law states they must,” says William Gheen of ALIPAC. “The problem with Mike Huckabee and Jim Gilcrhist is they are trying to trick Americans by not telling voters that the illegal aliens only leave for a day, if that, under the Huckabee Amnesty plan. We want to warn America about this trick!”

ALIPAC speculates that many illegal aliens would be allowed to go to their consulates inside the US, which legally qualify as foreign soil, to pick up their new paperwork under this plan.

Over 80 leaders are standing together to rebuke Mike Huckabee and Jim Gilchrist for perpetrating this deceptive amnesty plan on American voters. ALIPAC is considering commissioning a phone poll into 50,000 Republican households in Iowa to ask, “Do you support Mike Huckabee’s plan to have illegal aliens leave and walk back in legally within a day?”

Signed by 79 leaders of Immigration Enforcement Groups!

In reaction to Jim Gilchrist’s (Co-Founder of Minutemen) lone endorsement of pro-amnesty Presidential Candidate Mike Huckabee:

We, the undersigned, state that our organizations stand against racism and Amnesty for illegal aliens. Instead, we stand for the enforcement of our existing immigration laws, the securing of America’s borders, and attrition enforcement.

We have dedicated our efforts to fighting illegal immigration and we are compelled to warn the American public about the immigration stance and record of Presidential Candidate Mike Huckabee.

We denounce Jim Gilchrist’s solo endorsement of a pro-amnesty and Open Borders candidate for President. Mr. Gilchrist does NOT speak for us!

Mike Huckabee is pro-amnesty and favors a “path to citizenship” for illegal aliens currently in the US, which would require a lifting of the current penalties.

Mike Huckabee is against ICE raids and decried them in his home state, when illegal aliens were arrested at companies that financially support his campaigns.

Mike Huckabee supports benefits for illegal aliens such as taxpayer subsidized in-state tuition.

Governor Huckabee also favors a “touchback” provision, which we feel is a trick to confuse voters. He would have illegal aliens leave for a day, pick up new papers, and then reenter the US LEGALLY, which is not the back of the immigration line! He has stated that illegal aliens could leave and “You do have a pathway to get back here legally that would take days, maybe weeks, not years.”

Mike Huckabee supported Comprehensive Immigration Reform Amnesty that failed in the US Senate and was rejected by a large majority of Americans. He stated that those who opposed the legislation are “driven by racism or nativism.”

Mike Huckabee has distorted the goals of “attrition enforcement” and the positions of Mark Krikorian by adding visa expansions, expedited visas, and “touchback”, which would counteract enforcement measures.

In truth, Mike Huckabee’s stances on the illegal immigration issue are out of line with the vast majority of Americans.

SIGNED (Signatures are tentative based on revisions and review)

William Gheen
Americans for Legal Immigration PAC

Ron Woodard
NC Listen Border Project

Peter Gadiel
9/11 Families for A Secure America

Dan Sheehy
Author of “Fighting Immigration Anarchy: American Patriots Battle to Save the Nation”

Citizens Against Illegal Aliens

Danny Smith
American Freedom Riders

Wanda Piety
Save America Fund

Brook Young
Immigration Watchdog

Andy Ramirez
Friends of the Border Patrol

Sandra Beene
Co-founder TX Minutemen

Hal Washburn
MCDC Washington State

Allen Taylor
Hoosiers for Secure Borders

Jack McDermott
Pennsylvanians Against Illegal Immigration

Joseph L. Ray
MCDC Chapter Leader

Jeff Wilson
Report and Deport

S. Byron Gassaway
Rescue Without Borders

Melissa Gardner
Let Freedom Ring America

Michael Apple
Minutemen Civil Defense Corps.
California-North Bay Chapter

Johnny Tex
Johnny Tex and the Texicans

Gianluca Zanna
Co-Founder Mohave County Minutemen

Ruthie Hendrycks
Minnesotans Seeking Immigration Reform

Steve Hampton
Protect Our Borders

Hayward Vickery Jr.
US Border Watch

Michael Franks
Former Texas State Republican Executive Committee Member.
Former Political Director, Texas Republican Liberty Caucu

Teela Roche & Mark Thies
South Carolinians for Immigration Moderation

Margaretann Bianculli
Greater Farmingville Citizens’ Association

Bill Strong

Jon Healy

Wally McCormick
Utah Minuteman

Phyllis Sears
Citizens Council on Illegal Immigration

Barb Coe
California Coalition for Immigration Reform

Daniel Smeriglio & Andrew Woodring
Voice of the people U.S.A

Bob Cox
Patriots Border Alliance

Steve Salvi
Ohio Jobs & Justice PAC

Bob Baker & Leon Donahue
Washingtonians For Immigration Reform

Michael A. Jackson
Government for the People

Tony Dolz
U.S. Congressional Candidate (California 30th District)
MCDC California

Carl Braun
State Leader MCDC- CA

Dan Amato
Digger’s Realm

Jeff Schwilk
San Diego Minutemen

Joe Turner & Chelene Nightingale
Save Our State

Conner Collier
V.P. of U.S. Border Watch

Joe & Barb McCutchen
Arkansas Freedom

A. B. Flanagan, III

Jan Herron, Columnist
Magic City Morning Star

Robert M. Copley Sr.
Colorado Minutemen

Burr Deitz
New York Constitution Party

Paul Streitz
CT Citizens for Immigration Control

Janie McCormick
Constitution Coalition

Saul Lisauskas
Stopp SPP & NAU

Frosty Wooldridge
Author & Paul Revere Riders

Kathy McKee, founder/chairman
Protect Arizona NOW

Lupe Moreno
Latino Americans for Immigration Reform (LAIR)

Ted Hayes
Los Angeles Activist

Nedd Kareiva
Stop the ACLU Coalition

Peter B. Gemma
columnist, Middle American News

Paul & Jo Separk
The MidNight Writers

Frank Jorge
Antelope Valley Independent Minutemen

Ron Bass
United Patriots of America

Michael Kelley
NC Voice

Duane Smith
Nevada Action Coalition

Mark Edwards
Founder of Unite to Fight 1 & 2 and Wake Up America

Scott DiBenedetto
Pahrump Minutemen

Theresa Harmon
Tennesseans for Responsible Immigration Policies

Susan Smith
Nebraskans Advisory Group

Jim Ludwick
Oregonians for Immigration Reform

Robert R. Galbreath Jr.
Citizens for a Constitutional Republic

George Gush
Boycott State Farm Insurance

Jim Palmer
Buy Direct USA

Chris Davis
America in Danger

Michael Williams
Border Hawks

Chris Simcox
Minuteman Civil Defense Corps
Co-Founder of the Minutemen

Walter Adams
PA Minutemen State Director

Joseph Ureneck
Massachusetts Citizens for Immigration Reform

Mike Vanderboegh
Alabama Minuteman Project

Dennis Murphy
Nebraska Minuteman Civil Defense Corp

Marvin Steward & Deborah Courtney
Minuteman Project Inc

Michael Strauss & John Loucome
LaPorte County Illegal Immigration Taskforce

Edward & Cynthia Kolb
Desert Visions

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