Immigration Enforcement


San Diego, CA –Presidential candidate Congressman Duncan Hunter joined other Republican candidates for President in a Spanish only broadcast debate Sunday night. The Miami event allowed the San Diego native the opportunity to show, once again, that he would be the President for all Americans.

While the other candidates pandered to the audience and evaded many of the questions, Hunter answered the moderator and the audience directly. Specifically, when asked what should be done with the 12 million illegal immigrants that now live in the United States, Hunter said the solution is simple, “Those here illegally have to go home.”

“When I came back from Vietnam, I was a practicing lawyer in the barrio. I was the only lawyer there, and I never turned away a family that came in and needed help. But, I told them they had to be here legally, because the first thing you’ve got to learn in this country is the rule of law. And, the second thing is you have to make sure that your kids learn English, because that is the American opportunity. Read More…

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