Immigration Enforcement

Immigration: The New Third Rail of American Politics

Immigration is the new “third rail” of American politics. I know, because I remember the old third rail. The old third rail, of course, was Social Security. Touch it, and die politically.

Back in the eighties the Republican Party would routinely come up with plans in Congress to “reform” Social Security.

Like clockwork — when the next Congressional election came around — the Democratic Party led by then Speaker Thomas “Tip” O’ Neil would demagogue the issue; and pronounce with TV ads that Republicans wanted to privatize Social Security and, by the way, cut or eliminate grandma’s benefit check.

Now, it’s the Democrats’ turn to touch the new third rail, immigration. It’s happening to the Democrats nationally, and it’s happening to them here in North Carolina…

Congressional republican incumbents were forced to play “defense”; as the late Lee Atwater used to say, “If you’re defending in campaigns — you’re losing!” Read More…


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