Immigration Enforcement

Tennessee Couple Faces $7,854 Tax Bill Due To Illegal Alien Identity Theft

By Digger

Lora and Jamey Costner are getting a taste of what illegal alien identity theft causes. They received a nice $7,854 tax bill from the IRS for wages they earned at Koch Foods for the 2005 tax year. The only problem is that neither one of them has ever worked at Koch Foods. They are the victims of the “victimless crime” of identity theft that is used by virtually every illegal alien in this country.

Two illegal aliens used their identities to gain employment and now the Costner’s are facing the chance that the IRS could start garnishing their wages any day and removing the “owed” money straight from their bank account without warning.

In addition, Mrs Costner was denied worker’s compensation when she was hurt on the job because she was “working” at Koch Foods.

Don’t worry though, these illegal aliens are only here to work and nobody really is a victim of them.

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