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I Was Wrong About Ron Paul On Immigration

By Digger

So I sat down tonight to finally get around to writing my hit piece about Ron Paul on his immigration stance.That’s right, a hit piece that would shut you Ron Paul wackos supporters up once and for all about how tough Ron Paul is on immigration.

For some reason through briefly glancing over his record at one point and reading some articles over the years, I had come to the conclusion that he was a fake, a fraud and had just jumped on the immigration bandwagon.

How wrong I was!

I truly don’t know how I made that mistake – It probably was the H1-B visa issue I mention below – but here’s the information that I’ve dug up on my long awaited witch hunt – that turned into almost total admiration – for Ron Paul on immigration.

First, let me preface this with the meaning of “almost total admiration”. I am a Tancredo supporter. You can’t “out Tancredo”, Tancredo on immigration, it simply isn’t possible and hence the “almost total admiration” bit.

A quick overview of Ron Paul. He’s been a Republican Representative for Texas since 1997. He is a member of the Congressional Immigration Reform Caucus founded by Tom Tancredo in 1999 (and currently led by Brian Bilbray). He has an almost lunatic and hellbent group of supporters out there that always show up at every rally I’ve been to (one time with a guy wearing a Ben Franklin outfit). He also has managed to turn these supporters into donors, racking up some impressive cash to support his candidacy.

OK, enough on that basic info. Here is what you really need to know about Ron Paul and immigration.

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