Immigration Enforcement

Alamance officials refuse to enforce laws to drive out illegal alien businesses

December 19, 2007

ON Tuesday December 11, 2007 NC Voice was contacted by Alamance County Commissioner David Smith in regards to a prior commitment December 3rd by County Commissioners Lashley and Vaughn to meet with us. The discussion focused on our formal request to present to the Commissioners details of our informal investigation into complaints of a large number of alleged unlicensed businesses operating within the county.

Evidence was easily uncovered that supported claims of over seventy(70) businesses operating locally, doing business with no privilege license, no business tax listing, and in many cases the individuals did not even have personal tax listings on file in Alamance County.

Although County Manager Smith was advised of the content of our intended disclosure, he declined to schedule a meeting with Commissioners stating, “The county is currently doing all it can on this issue. We are restricted by state and federal laws defining our actions. There will be no meeting scheduled, however those Commissioners who are interested could certainly contact you (NC Voice) on their own as citizens. I will see that they get your contact information.”

A brief discussion with Thomas Murawski at the Alamance News earlier in the morning revealed that Commissioner Sutton had also expressed to him an interest in seeing our data, but to date no Commissioner has come forward expressing any interest.

Currently, we are preparing similar presentations for the cities of Burlington, Graham, and Mebane. They will be delivered to officials of those municipalities as soon as they are completed, certainly no later than early January. Meantime, we encourage Alamance County residents to reach out to your elected officials and ask them to look into the matter. The craftsmen and laborers being put out of business are your friends and neighbors, and the tax revenues being lost are made up from your wages. Isn’t it time you spoke out with your NC Voice? Link…


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