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Breaking News: SOS Member Arrested — Domestic Terrorism Charges!

From Freedom Folks

Not a lot of detail thus far, this in from our friend Chelene…

Save Our State Member arrested for “domestic terrorism”!!! Home raided yesterday!!! Computer confiscated!! Rifles confiscated!! Today arrest warrant was issued for weapons charges!! The weapons were LEGAL!!!! Rifles purchased at a public sports shop LEGALLY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!This all started with a post on the Save Our State forum!!!!! SOS site is apparently “monitored”!!!

Our member is stating “political prisoner”!!! Attorney stating bogus charges.

For now name will remain anonymous! Arraignment on Wednesday!! We need donations ASAP for member’s defense fund. Please send all donations to Save Our State, P.O. Box 91000, San Bernardino, CA 92427. Please mark for SOS Member Defense Fund.

Thank you!!!!

SOS thread here.

Immigration Watchdog is watching the story as well here.

Will update when we learn more…


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  1. Hope in freedom

    Comment by n | February 2, 2008

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