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The Story Of Golden State Fence Company (Now Fenceworks Inc)

By Digger

A story that epitomizes what is wrong with our judicial system in this country regarding employers of illegal aliens, is the story of Golden State Fence Company. You may remember that Golden State Fence Company was the employer in southern California that hired illegal aliens to work on the Otay-Mesa border fence. Golden State Fence Company was busted in 1999, 2004 and again in 2005 for hiring illegal aliens. Some of the illegal aliens busted in earlier raids were on the payroll at later busts because owner Melvin Kay admits he just ignored the warnings from the federal government and rehired them. He didn’t think it was a big deal.Prosecutors are said to have found that a third of the 750 Golden State Fence Company employees were illegal aliens. In 2004 ICE agents found evidence that 368 of Golden State’s employees had a “no match” on their Social Security Number to their name.

Kay was busted and prosecuted. In December 2006, the head of ICE, Julie Myers, tried to sound like she would be tough with Mel Kay and said “This settlement and guilty plea clearly show that employers who knowingly and blatantly hire illegal workers will pay dearly for such transgressions”

So how tough was the government on Mel Kay? In the end he received a plea agreement for the company to pay $5 million and he received 6 months of house arrest which allowed him to continue to work at the company. Yes, that is the kind of serious and harsh “paying dearly” that we should expect from our government on cracking down on employers of illegal aliens. People who are not competing on an even playing field with other businesses. People who are making a ton of cash illegally. People who are openly and arrogantly flaunting the law.

Now in a story at the Washington Post the owner Mel Kay admits from virtually day one that he hired illegal aliens and then had those illegal employees recruit others. Golden State Fence Company was started in 1984 and by hiring illegal aliens it grew quickly. Kay caught a break in 1986 when President Reagan signed an amnesty for illegal aliens. Kay’s employees benefited by becoming legal and Kay was off the hook for any potential previous violations.


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  1. We have worked with a company in ROckville MD. It is a construction company and it is chock full of illegals and undesirable practices. PLEASE!! If you live in the area do not hire these general contractors KITCHEN AND BATH DEPOT, Inc. THey also do business under S & T Design/Remodeling.

    Comment by Jake | August 27, 2008

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