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ALIPAC: New website launched for Lou Dobbs supporters!

Friends of ALIPAC,

The results of our online surveys from our supporter base is clear. About 90% of our supporters are behind Thompson, Paul, Hunter, or Romney for President. Also, 84% of you either support Lou Dobbs as a Presidential candidate or would do so, if your favorite candidate does not win the GOP or Democratic nomination. We are pleased to announce the launch of

Today’s “Draft Lou Dobbs for President” effort is not an endorsement of Lou Dobbs and should not detract from any other campaign. We are pleased to offer this resource to the 84% of ALIPAC supporters who have expressed an interest.

We have launched this site for the following reasons.

1. To give Lou Dobbs supporters a mechanism to express their support.

2. To increase pressure on both the Dems and Reps to get their house in order on border security and immigration enforcement.

3. To show Lou Dobbs and the nation what kind of support is out there for him.

4. To have some Lou Dobbs supporters organized, in case it becomes necessary for us to strengthen and formalize our calls for him to run or if McCain, Huckabee, or Rudy win the primary. If Lou Dobbs gets into the race late, he will need help fast and we will donate the supporter list and website to his campaign.

For those of you supporting a candidate, please understand our strategy here.

For those of you who are supporting one of the pro-amnesty candidates, we ask that you stick with ALIPAC in support of our broader goals, although we disagree on the Presidential campaigns.

Please take action today with the following activities.

1. Please visit and sign up as a supporter and sign our guest book. Please use the “contact” feature to report any problems or errors you spot on the new site.

2. Please read today’s press release and send it to any national or local media contacts you have. Please try to mention the site and this effort in your calls into talk radio shows.


3. If you have a website, please use the Link to Us feature to mount links to If you participate in online Discussion Groups, please post links to the site there.

We are doing our best at ALIPAC to navigate the difficult situation posed by the Presidential campaigns as they stand today.

We have found that some of our conservative supporters do not like Lou Dobbs because they believe he is a liberal because he is on the CNN network and has been critical of the President’s policies. We ask that you take a closer look at Mr. Dobbs if you are under this false impression.

We value your support and feedback and ask that all of our supporters in rival campaigns keep it respectful. We are all fighting on the same side here today.


ALIPAC’s Lou Dobbs Survey Results (Approx 10% of our 25,000 responding)

Would I support CNN Anchor Lou Dobbs for President?

Yes! Immediately! 70.30% (1714)
Yes, but only if my candidate loses the primary. 13.95% (340)
Undecided 5.78% (141)
No! With some reservations. 4.10% (100)
No! Under any circumstances! 5.87% (143)

Total Votes: 2438


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  1. Lou Dobbs is epitome of the self-righteous holier then thou hypocritical iconic idiot. Every American enjoys the economic benefits of immigrants Mexican, Latin or otherwise. They are the bottom feeders of our social economic food chain that our society feeds on to fulfill our insatiable appetite for materialistic goods and services. We use them like toilet paper, treat them like trash and have the audacity to be so self indignant, self righteous and spout off that we don’t like or want “illegal Mexican immigrants”. No mention of other “illegal immigrants” from other parts of the world. Just the “Mexican” ones.

    The reality is that immigrants Mexican or otherwise have a dramatic positive economic impact on the lives of every single American living in the country.

    The notion that a fence south of the border will mitigate illegal immigrants from crossing the border is idiotic. The vast majority of the immigrants are crossing the border because there is demand for their labor, they are being hired, citizens benefit from their sweat labor, and the so called monies they send “home” is an economic relief valve for inflation. The vast majority of immigrants are not drug dealers or criminals. The reality is that they are ordinary people trying to make a living for themselves and their families.

    If we really wanted to curb illegal immigrants crossing the border, all we have to do is provide them work visas. Apparently the supply and demand for their sweat labor and work visas we’re willing to provide are not in balance. If it were, we wouldn’t have immigrants crossing the border illegally, and they would be paying taxes to the benefit of our society.

    The real hypocrisy is that underneath all the rhetoric, this is not really about Mexican immigrants crossing the border illegally. It is in fact fascist racism disguised as nationalism. Lou’s fascist rhetoric is offensive and his ignorance about raising a fence south of the border is nothing more than a rally cry to the ignorant racist populace in the US.

    Lou Dobbs should be exposed for what he really is. A fascist racist.

    Lou Dobbs – Get a life.

    Lou Dobbs Epitaph – illegal Mexican immigrant bashing and raising a fence south of the border.

    I suppose that is his calling in life.

    He should be awarded the Nobel Peace Prize.

    It’s good to know that the vast majority of the human race has a higher calling.

    Comment by Garfield | January 19, 2008

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