Immigration Enforcement

Criminal Alien Program assists deportation of illegal immigrants

Hernán Rozemberg

The rapid growth of a little-known program that teams federal agents with local authorities to identify and deport jailed immigrants is being embraced as a way to reduce crime and illegal immigration simultaneously. The expansion has been felt throughout South Central Texas, with 22 more Immigration and Customs Enforcement agents added to the area last year.



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  1. “you can’t declare open season on Latinos or immigrants,” Perales said. What does this have to do with “Latinos and immigrants, isn’t this about illegal immigration? Sounds to me they are out of any logical arguments.

    Comment by roger | February 12, 2008

  2. North carolina is overrun with illegals 300,000. A store owner told me today married to a mexican lady that their plan is to take over the usa. may God grant the courage to take a stand against mexican illegals and other illegals

    Comment by NMathers | July 23, 2008

  3. deport these illegals may ice come to north carolina

    Comment by NMathers | July 23, 2008

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