Immigration Enforcement

Two New York towns vie to become first in 287(g) enforcement

By Leah Rae
The Journal News • February 10, 2008

While Danbury, Conn., is in an uproar over a plan to partner with immigration agents, officials in Brewster and Suffern are quietly moving ahead with proposals for something similar.
Both villages want to send local police officers for training so that they could identify criminals who are undocumented, detain them on immigration charges and place them in deportation proceedings.

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  1. I run an activist NYC group callled New Yorkers for Immigration Control and Enforcement (NY ICE) and had the pleasure of meetiing Assemblyman Ball during our efforts to shutdown Governor Eliot Spitzer’s plan to give Drivers’ Licenses to illegal aliens. (A plan we were able to end, by the way). I fully support his efforts to institute 287g in his towns. I only wish that our NYC Mayor Bloomberg wasn’t such a sellout to illegal aliens, and we could have 287g here in my home, New York City. Please feel free to check out our website at

    Comment by Joanna Marzullo | February 13, 2008

  2. Where to begin? First it is unfortunate that local governments, State, cities, county, and small towns have to deal with this issue, because it is very difficult for these ententes to do so, being that they should not be our first line of defense or the major line of defense on this issue. Everyone knows that immigration law is supposed to be enforced by the federal government and not State and local government. Unfortunately the open borders lobby, which include the United States Chamber of Commerce, The ford Foundation, The AFL-CIO, ethnic groups like La Raza (the race) many other Latino groups, religious organization like the Catholic church have effectively influenced the federal government to not enforce the laws. By financing the elections campaigns of senators and congressman, and striking fear into anyone who opposes open borders branding them raciest, anti-immigrant, nativeist, etc. The legislation they enact is written at first glance to look like they are making an effort to enforce our immigration laws but in reality that is not their intent or its effect. So that being said, and there is overwhelming evidence to prove this fact if you look at the legislation from 1986 to the present concerning border security, document security, amnesty, visas, etc. you can see what I mean. That information can be obtained on our web site which is the links on our site will assist you with facts concerning this issue.
    State Rep. Greg Ball and others who are assisting his efforts like Brewster Mayor James Scoenig, Suffern Police Chief Clarke Osborn, and Suffern Sheriff James Kralik are doing his best to protect their constituents under federal law. (287G) Also Rockland Legislator Joseph Meyers has lended his support in this effort. After 9-11-01 DHS attempted to deal with illegal immigration, a national security problem, which affects everything from our “war on terror”, “war on drugs”, to the environment, education, health care, crime, and the very existence of our nation as its sovereignty is severely under attack.
    We must stand behind these brave elected officials because the open borders supports are many and well funded and Rep. Ball and his supporters are risking their political futures in advocating for their constituents in opposition to the open borders supporters. They are honoring their oath of office, in that they are attempting to uphold the constitution to protect citizens against foreign invasion and to protect their other constitutional rights.
    Please remember that our democratic government is not a spectator sport, for our government to work effectively we must all participate, that means more than just voting. (most poles state that only 40% of us vote, that is unacceptable!) we must communicate to our elected officials what we want them to do and that takes some time and effort. Many have given all so that you can have the freedom we have today, but freedom was not free for them, so I hope you take the time and effort to make sure your views and demands are heard by your elected officials. Let them know when you are happy with their work, and when you are not happy with their work.
    Thank you.
    Bruce De Cell
    Board Member of 9-11 Families For A Secure America

    Comment by Bruce De Cell | February 13, 2008

  3. Finally something is about to happen in N.Y. State which
    will help to deal with the ongoing problem of “ILLEGAL ALIENS”. This problem effects all of our “LEGAL CITIZENS”
    way of life in the U.S.A. All of our social systems are
    being overun & exploited by “ILLEGAL ALIENS”.
    Our elected officials who are afraid to deal with this problem should be voted out of office.
    The NEWS media has kept the “ILLEGAL ALIEN” problem
    quiet & out of site, “BIG BUSINESS” likes the low wage exploited worker and politians like the votes.

    Comment by Edward Wolfe | February 13, 2008

  4. Thank God something positive is being done about this outrageous problem that is facing America. It’s about time that the laws are coming to the forefront. For too long, our officials have had their hands tied. Absolutely — oficials who are afraid or who are in favor of letting America to be swamped with illigals, should be voted out of OFFICE.

    Comment by S.Stinson | February 14, 2008

  5. I live in New Jesey but have relatives in Suffern who have commented about the number of illegals in the town. It is indeed a problem. I hope folks are prompted to make phone calls to Assemblyman Ball, Mayor Schoenig, Police Chief Osborne, Sherrif Kralik, Legislator Meyers to offer their support and applaud their efforts. Don;t forget a call to Ron Figuueroa whose comments in this article indicate that he certainly is concerned about the safety of the people of Suffern. Good luck to all. God bless America.

    Joseph Dorman

    Comment by Joseph Dorman | February 14, 2008

  6. SOUTHEAST, NEW YORK . New York State Assemblyman Greg Ball, an Air Force Captain and former business executive, says he “welcomes the challenge” after acquiring his first challenger for reelection yesterday. John Degnan, former Mayor of the Village of Brewster , New York , received the ceremonial endorsement of a group led by former Assemblyman Willis Stephens Jr., whom Ball ousted in 2006.

    Degnan is remembered for his failed 2007 sanctuary city initiative to grant ID cards to illegal aliens , when he invited the Guatemalan consulate to come to the village to offer its mobile ID card service to distribute identification cards to illegal aliens. Assemblyman Ball, who opposed the measure, also orchestrated the defeat of a similar plan by ex-Governor Eliot Spitzer to grant driver’s licenses illegal immigrants.

    In his 2006 state of the village address, Degnan promised that the village would construct a hiring site for Brewster’s day laborers, which was defeated by a protest led by Assemblyman Ball that included agents of the U.S. Immigration and Customers Enforcement agency and hundreds of residents of the tiny village. Former Mayor Degnan told The Journal News that he had felt “enthusiastic” about playing an “integral role” in the failed sanctuary measure to secure a work shelter site for undocumented residents of Northern Westchester and Putnam Counties .

    During an unsuccessful 2007 campaign for office, Degnan left the Republican party to run as a Democrat. Hispanic residents of Brewster complained of a decline in their quality of life during Degnan’s mayoralty, citing overcrowding and joblessness. The ex-Mayor’s opponents labeled Degnan a “slumlord” , a charge which he rejected. Although he later hired a worker to fight the overcrowding, even Degnan’s own supporters concede he did little to tackle the immigration issue.

    Ball, fresh off a recent legislative victory to provide free college tuition to veterans of the Armed Forces, is known as “Albany ‘s most ardent supporter of legal immigration”. He is a state chairman of Lawmakers for Legal Immigration , an immigration reform group, and achieved prominence for his work with 9/11 Families for a Secure America, enacting the 287(g) program to empower state law enforcement officers to act as ICE agents to crack down on crime and deport incarcerated illegal aliens , as well as a series of immigration bills that passed in the State Assembly to crack down on contractors breaking state labor laws. Illegal immigration costs New Yorkers more than $5.1 billion per year for education, medical care, and incarceration.

    Comment by Ball ready to roll, faces illegal immigrant activist | May 14, 2008

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