Immigration Enforcement

Senate Republicans Unveil Broad Immigration Measures

As anticipated and reported earlier today on HAI’s RotorNews, a dozen Republican senators introduced 15 enforcement-oriented immigration bills today, Wednesday, March 5, to resuscitate the immigration debate since the failure of last year’s comprehensive legislation.

Among the proposals are familiar initiatives, including one that would improve workplace screening procedures, and one identifying English as a national language. However, there were fresh ideas as well, including a proposal by Senator Arlen Specter, R-Pennsylvania to streamline the deportation process for illegal immigrants convicted of violent crimes by increasing pressure on foreign governments.
“It’s important for the Senate to illustrate to the American people that we have not forgotten the importance of this issue,” said Senator Jeff Sessions, R-Alabama, of the 15 “common sense” enforcement bills. “Each one, I personally think, represents a step toward a lawful system of immigration.”


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  1. I believe the Senate is beginning to realize how very serious this issue is. I believe also that the Demcratic Party is determined to continue with their course and provide amnesty with a pretty ‘look’.. same cost.

    Comment by Joel E. Wischkaemper | March 6, 2008

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