Immigration Enforcement

Virtually De-Fenceless

The first 28 miles of “virtual fencing” being deployed along our Southern border has failed to meet expectations according to last week’s congressional testimony by Richard Stana, Director of Homeland Security for the Government Accountability Office (GAO).

Stana’s indictment of the hugely expensive, over-complicated and so far unworkable alternative to real border security reminds us of what we have known all along: that virtual fencing is virtually useless.

Despite Director Stana’s report on the failures of this system, the Bush administration and its Department of Homeland Security continue to stand behind the virtual fence as a good substitute for the less artistic but repeatedly proven reinforced physical fencing. While technology can effectively augment security fencing, we know – and have always known – that technology alone fails to deliver the same level of border security as physical fencing.



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  1. Speaking of illegal immigration, millions of Americans will celebrate Cinco de Mayo (May 5) without really knowing what they’re celebrating. If, however, they knew the background of the holiday, I think many Americans might opt out of celebrating the holiday.

    Comment by hotoffthepress | March 7, 2008

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