Immigration Enforcement

My friend is dead

Ed Johnson

Lewis Fetterman was one of the nicest guys you’d ever meet. He was tall, thin, and had gray hair that was cut evenly on all sides in a way that reminded me of a mushroom. We often sat together at lunch. He was usually quiet. It seemed as though he was always smiling.

I lost my friend Lewis on March 15 when an intoxicated, undocumented alien drove into him.

Who knows how many Americans have been killed like this by illegal aliens? I suspect the number is larger than the total of U.S. soldiers killed in Iraq. After all, CNN reports that more than 6,000 people have been killed along the Mexican border during just the last two years.

What could our federal government have done to prevent the death of Lewis Fetterman and others like him? Article IV, Section 4 of the Constitution says, “The United States… shall protect each [state] against invasion.” With there now being at least 12 million people here illegally, clearly we’ve been invaded. The President and members of Congress have failed their Constitutional duty to protect us.

This is all the more serious since September 11. Arguably being here illegally is now an act of war.

It’s also troubling that many of those who are here illegally are gang members. Worse yet, not everyone who’s here illegally is from Latin America. Many are here from the Middle East.

What is Congress doing about this problem? There are only a few members of Congress, like Tom Tancredo, who have a conscience and are trying to secure our borders. The rest are running for re-election. Two of them are running for president.

To state the obvious, the discussion about illegal aliens is not about immigration. It’s about crime. Anyone who’s here illegally is a criminal. If people don’t obey the law to get here, they won’t obey the law once they’re here.

Who would allow illegal aliens to be here? Well, there are racists who think Hispanics are genetically inferior and incapable of understanding the difference between right and wrong. Such racists also think Hispanics are too stupid to learn English and so they need information printed in Spanish.

Then there are Mexican gangsters, like the Zetas, who exploit illegal aliens. The typical illegal alien here lives a life that is de facto slavery. And there are also radical Hispanic groups like La Raza and MEChA that exploit their fellow Latinos to try to take over the Southwest.

Personally as someone with several Latino in-laws who are here legally, I find all these groups offensive.

Whatever our President’s and members of Congress’s excuses for failing to uphold the Constitution, their failure to address the invasion of illegal aliens and secure our borders has resulted in the wrongful deaths of many Americans like Lewis Fetterman. These victims’ blood is on the hands of our elected officials. What do you think?



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    The human cost of illegal aliens.

    Comment by Agent of Chaos | August 14, 2008

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