Immigration Enforcement

E-Verify Statistics

All statistics are based on data on the E-Verify program for the first half of FY 2007 (October 2006 through March 2007).

Employees confirmed as work authorized instantly or within 24 hours

94.2% of employees are confirmed as work authorized before any type of mismatch notice or need for action by the employee or employer

  • 93% are instantly verified within 3-5 seconds
  • 1.2% are verified after an electronic, 24-hour USCIS check without any type of notice being issued to the employee

Employees receiving initial mismatches

5.8% of employees receive initial mismatches (tentative non-confirmations)

  • 5.1% from SSA
  • 0.7% from USCIS

Initial mismatches later confirmed work authorized

  • 0.5% of employees
    • 0.4% from SSA
    • 0.1% from USCIS

Employees not confirmed as work authorized by E-Verify

  • 5.3% employees receive a final non-confirmation response because they are either not authorized to work in the United States, did not know that they had the opportunity to challenge an initial mismatch (or TNC), or choose not to follow the necessary procedures to prove work authorization after receiving an initial mismatch.



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