Immigration Enforcement

Gold Canyon Candle Co raided for ID theft and illegal immigration

September 10th, 2008 @ 12:39pm

by Jim Cross, Sandra Haros & Kevin Tripp/KTAR

Dozens of Maricopa County sheriff’s deputies descended upon an east Valley company this morning, looking for violations of the state employers sanctions law.

The Sheriff’s Office, in a brief statement, said the case involved “as many as 31 people involved in identity theft, a White House staff member connection and an internal plan by plant employees to avoid capture by immigration or law enforcement authorities… all components of an employers sanction case.”

The sheriff’s office did not identify the company, but News/Talk 92-3 KTAR traced the operation to Gold Canyon Candle Co., on Arizona Avenue near Riggs Road in Chandler.

Sheriff Joe Arpaio responded to the allegation that some of those detained and arrested were denied the opportunity to speak with attorneys. “What are you asking me for? I wasn’t there.”

Reporter: “You’re the sheriff, sir.”

Arpaio: “Yeah, but you see I wasn’t there. That’s something we’ll have to look into. You’re asking all these technical legal questions.”

Arpaio said he’s confident in the ability of his deputies to conduct fair and professional operations.

The candle company is firing back at Arpaio.

In an exclusive interview with KTAR, company attorney Ezra Clark said deputies did not let suspects speak with a lawyer – even when they asked for one. “Also, I asked to see a copy of the warrant and the deputies denied that. They said they did not have to give me a copy for that.”

Clark said the deputies did show the warrant to a company employee. He said the business fully complied with e-Verify and the employer sanctions law.

A total of 65 people were arrested today at the Chandler business – 23 for identity theft and 37 for working in the country illegally.


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