Immigration Enforcement

Wake County 287(g) snags 435 illegal aliens in first two months

Since early July, 435 illegal immigrants have been identified in the Wake County Jail under a federal program designed to help local law enforcement authorities get a better handle on immigrants charged with crimes.

The numbers are higher than many federal officials predicted, but Wake County Sheriff Donnie Harrison said he wasn’t surprised to find illegal immigrants comprise 15 to 20 percent of his daily jail population. About 1,500 inmates are in the jail on an average day.

County detention officers began participating in the federal 287-G program three months ago.The program trains local officers to use federal data to determine the immigration status of people charged with crimes and to begin the deportation process for those found to be in the U.S. illegally.

Harrison and other sheriffs had expressed frustration at not knowing whether someone charged with a crime was in the country illegally because they didn’t have access to federal immigration databases.


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  1. I am married to a illegal immigrant.He has been deported before. I think that it is just wrong to break up families.When there are no charges. We have 3 baby girls.If the police would worry about catching drug dealers and gangsters,not just for driving without a license.They used to be able to get there license but now it is immpossible. My husband grew up here.He has been here since elementry school,and had never had a criminal record,but they just do not care about any one.Really the world is becoming a bunch of racist soon it will be between black and white again.I am so fed up with this countrys shit,I am going to move to Mexico.It is a million times better there they are not racist.

    Comment by Melissa Herrera | March 29, 2009

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