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Bush Administration Caves into Pressure and Delays E-Verify Regulation for Federal Contractors

Last week, the Bush Administration announced its intent to postpone a new regulation set to go into effect January 15th that would have required virtually all federal contractors to use E-Verify, the voluntary program run by the Department of Homeland Security that helps employers verify the work authorization of employees. (The Hill, January 9, 2009).   Homeland Security Secretary Michael Chertoff first announced the E-Verify regulation August 10, 2008, stating he wanted the government to “lead by example.”  (Remarks by Homeland Security Michael Chertoff, August 10, 2008).  The move was hailed by true immigration reformers as a significant step towards curbing the employment of illegal aliens and reducing the taxpayer subsidy of illegal immigration.

However, as the effective date neared in late December , a coalition of special interest groups filed a lawsuit to block the rule from taking effect as scheduled. The plaintiffs included various organizations that have routinely sought to impede interior enforcement of our immigration laws, including the U.S. Chamber of Commerce; Associated Builders and Contractors, Inc.; the Society for Human Resource Management; the American Council on International Personnel; and the HR Policy Association. (To read more about this lawsuit, read FAIR’s Legislative Update).

In the face of this lawsuit, Homeland Security announced it will postpone the effective date of these new regulations to February 20, 2009.  A DHS Spokesman said the Department did not think the Chamber of Commerce and others would prevail with their lawsuit, and said “[the] pause merely allows litigants the opportunity to make their case before a judge, and prevents parties opposed to the rule from additional stalling through litigation.”  (The Hill, January 9, 2009).  More than 100,000 employers are already using E-Verify, with an estimated 1,000 new employers signing up each week.


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  1. The entire concept of eVerify is a joke and is yet another unworkable, toothless proposal to mollify the masses while doing nothing, zero, nadda, zip, to stop the flow of immigrants coming into this country illegally.

    I wrote a in depth paper on this subject (and the equally frivolous border fence) last year as an op-ed piece for my US HIstory II class. As a sixty-one year old college junior I’m not your normal student and took the assignment very seriously.

    I’m more than happy to share it since I believe that it really promotes a solid proposal for making eVerify effective.

    Comment by Old Student | January 14, 2009

  2. I am so sick of hearing certain people blocking laws, that would stop illegal immigrants from taking advantage of every thing they can get their hands on in America, they are wrong!!!
    and all their crys about being so separated from their on purpose instant American born children, is full of it!!! no one has the guts to stop them, in the first place, because of their illegal status no children of their that are born here should become an instant American citizens, they use this law for this very purpose and get away with this.

    And they are so allow to continue to use this law, to help them selves to all the government free bees in America, just spitting and walking all over American citizens to get what they want, they are, in the way of millions of American citizens, they shouldn’t be allow to cry about being separated from their so call American children when they are caught and deported, they should take their children with them! because they had learn to abuse our birth right laws all their children American citizenship should be automatically stripped!!!!

    Out politician keeps giving them anything they want in America, because of this the more they want,and the more they think they are entitle to! this is one of the reason millions of them keep coming, I am so afraid of the united states politicians, because they do not know what they are doing to America by not just saying NO!! to illegal immigrants..

    I can see now that any kind of comprehensive immigration reform will only make things worse with illegal immigration in America no matter how our new president thank it is going help fix this terrible situation, it will not solve the terrible invasion of illegal immigrants in America, it will just give them a legal ticket to just continue to be first in line to every thing, while Americans continue to be second in line!!

    As of now illegal immigrants are first in line to our low income housing and sec. 8 programs while millions of American citizen are on a 4-7 years waiting list! this is suddenly alright because they abuse our American birthright laws, this makes them eligible to anything they want in America,this is so ignored, and on a Hush! Hush! and all of what they are allow to do in America has terribly tarnished American citizens status, because it doesn’t mean anything any more in our own country, America!Our children and grand children or pushed in the back of the classrooms, because illegal immigrant children over crowed our schools, they are allow to lie about their residents when they put their children in our schools regardless of their status!

    All of what they are allow to do in America, ruins America,
    almost every where you go now, it looks like Mexico!!

    And as they like to cry, it is not about race, it is about the laws, Americans do realize that America is an immigrant country! Americans also realize that America is country of laws! our American laws are so totally corrupted!!

    Comment by viola | January 15, 2009

  3. The work place raids must not stop, if it were to stop, this will being saying that it is alright for illegal immigrants to work in America illegally, it will be saying that it is alright for American employers to hire them illegally!! It seems that when American citizens try to stop illegal immigration in America, some one finds a way to block it!! so therefore American citizens have no voice to this matter. While congress are taking their time doing something about illegal immigration, illegal immigrants are running wild in America!

    They are being allow to do anything want in America, until now they want a free ticket to legalization or amnesty.If congress give them what they want, American Citizen will always remember how they come here, so bold, rude, nasty aggressively just spitting and walking all over American citizen as though they don’t exist in their own country, America!! Our own politicians has got us in this nasty mess with the invasion of illegal immigrant in this country, and they forcing us to endure in all their wrongdoings in America, reassuring them that there are no laws, so they are able to do what they want..

    Comment by viola | January 15, 2009

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