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Utah Employer Praises E-Verify, Says Using it Helps His Business

A Utah employer who uses E-Verify spoke out in support of the program last week, saying that customers called him because he advertised that he participates in the program.

Larry Morrison of St. George, Utah — owner of Morrison Insulation LLC — told a city council forum that his company “gets ‘two jobs a week’ just by advertising that it uses E-Verify to check its employees’ work status,” and argued that “more businesses should use the system.” (The Spectrum, April 30, 2009).

The fact that small businesses see a public relations benefit through the use of E-Verify undermines the claims of big-business, special- interest groups that argue that the work eligibility verification system places a burden on businesses.
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  1. Los Angeles has deteriorated since the 60’s, it’s hard for a person who original lived here even recognizes it. As I have to stay here with relatives for a while, my son needed to locate a school. My eyes opened wide to find the educational system is in a terrible mess. I even looked up to see if the American flag was really flying over the school. Sad but true the demographics showed that the majority of the children came from South of the border and within in it’s midst hardly any of 4th graders spoke recognizable English. I learned the majority received free breakfast and lunch, because the parents couldn’t afford to feed them.

    It’s hard to blame the children, but my son is getting a second class education in this overcrowded chaos called a school. It shows our borders are not secure, that our country has been overwhelmed by the negligence of our corrupt politicians catering to corporate greed. Coming back to Southern California has turned me into an advocate for the pro-sovereignty, anti-illegal alien organizations. Los Angeles has turned into a sewer of criminal aliens running rampant with little or no prosecution because of a Sanctuary city policy. filthy streets scattered with fast food wrappers and not the place not to bring up children. City councilor Andronovich stated that $ 11. billion can be attributed to every illegal alien, who breaks into America, get a free lunch on the taxpayers in Los Angeles county. It’s run by a a corrupt mayor, who is directed by an even worse bunch of crooked legislators in Sacramento. This ominous pestilence of corruption has been spreading across the country.

    LA has become a breeding ground for a society, turning slowly into a banana republic. The true Angeleno’s are hardly aware that their taxes are being drained by illegal aliens and their extended families, swarming here to take advantage of Americans. Legal Los Angeles inhabitants needs to demand a Permanent E-Verify from their government. The system will uncover the illegal workers, opening job opportunities for US workers. Over a period of time rejected by business and not able to find work, the exodus by ATTRITION will begin. American wages must go up and perhaps the elitists, will see through their avarice that American industry is better than importing cheap labor or exporting jobs overseas. Citizens and legal residents must do their part, because they have the ultimate power to–CHANGE THE FUTURE–because otherwise we will sink in a quagmire of multiculturalism, balkanization that has caused massive unrest and demonstrations in Europe. If we allow another AMNESTY our country will turn into a seething cauldron of frustration and anger. When billions of your tax dollars are spent to pacify open border entities, its up to the American public to fight back. Demand E-Verify from your cringing Senators and Congressman at (202) 224-3121 who see you as a–CASHCOW– for illegal foreign labor and corrupt foreign governments.

    Comment by brittanicus | May 22, 2009

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