Immigration Enforcement

Employer use of federal E-Verify program on the rise

By William M. Welch, USA TODAY
LOS ANGELES — Construction company CEO David Dominguez no longer worries about inadvertently hiring workers who are in this country illegally. That’s because he uses E-Verify, the federal program that allows him to quickly check the legal status of potential employees.

Dominguez, who builds residential interiors in Arizona and California, said that as word gets around about the program, job applicants without legal status avoid businesses such as his, Andrew Lauren Co., which use E-Verify.

“The system works,” Dominguez said. His San Diego-based company has been using E-Verify for several years in hiring office workers and laborers.

The voluntary federal program has seen a rapid growth in use this year, Department of Homeland Security records show. More than 1,000 employers are signing up each week on average, and employment checks are approaching 200,000 a week.

Use rises each year

“If the goal is not to hire illegal citizens, then you should have it,” Dominguez said.

Halfway through this year 5.5 million worker checks have been made by employers through the E-Verify online service. In 2008, 6.6 million checks were made, twice the number in 2007.


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  1. Not identifying E-Verify as the perfect tool to extract illegal immigrants from the workplace, doesn’t wash with the American worker anymore? The once great US Chamber of Commerce, compliant with the ACLU, and other anti-sovereignty factions, have pushed our soft politicians to null E-Verify. Sen. Harry Reid(D-NV), House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) have lost a great deal of public loyalty, because between them, they manufactured excuses to undermine any new law that enforced our weak immigration laws? Chief of Homeland Security is Napolitano who joined the other pathetic Senators, to stealthily direct ICE not to implement large immigration raids anymore. This has also been noticed by the public audience in the months since inheriting the office from Chertoff. By no means are these the legislators who are stating they are supporting E-Verify, or any other immigration law, but in actual fact voting against it.

    Their attitude shows up distinctly when they keep voting E-Verify being delayed for Federal contractors who of all people should be using it. It displays their complete apathetic when politicians allow 300.000 illegal workers, making use of Stimulus money in the construction industry. The 1986 Immigration Act has never been enforced, it has always been fully jeopardized and now the politicians want to replace it, by enacting another AMNESTY. Amendments to the 1986 Simpson/Mazzoli bill is all that’s required to add strength, to our border security and internal enforcement.

    Even any new health care for the American people is compromised by the illegal alien pestilence, because a great portion of the uninsured in our nation are these people heading in large numbers to emergency hospitals. In the decades since Europe saw the ingress of illegal immigrants into their countries, they have seen medical care sink in the quality of service, including rationing. Here in America health care has also been disparaged by added forced mandated laws, that illegal people must be attended to, for even the common cold–which becomes yet another financial impediment to the legal population. It’s just sheer madness on the part of the open border globalists, to keep feeding the country with millions of cheap labor. The burden for these services has never been financially appropriated from the businesses that employ foreign labor, but–ALWAYS–from the US taxpayer.

    We have been brain-washed by the media and government that there are only 11 million illegal people who have violated our laws, whoever this is far from the truth. We can not afford for another AMNESTY to succeed, and must fight back tooth and nail? It’s enactment would terrify the most conservative of financial analysts, of even larger obligation on every taxpayer. Of all the immigration tools at our disposal, we must not let our government exempt E-Verify from our ordinance. It should mandated in every human resources office that–ALL ERRORS– can be reconciled, after being hired at the Social Security agencies.

    President Obama has adamantly promised illegal aliens who knew the consequences of violating our border, a path to citizenship. Sorry! But the costs of this travesty cannot be even imagined. This is absolutely “Taxation without Representation” for like many laws that quietly fall upon the American taxpayer it is ethically wrong. Just addressing the OVERPOPULATION concept should be enough for–THE PEOPLE–to bombard your Senators and Congressman. Facts, statistics at NUMBERSUSA.

    Comment by Brittancus | June 25, 2009

  2. It seems that it is to the point nothing really matters when it comes to the great immigration invasion that has taken over America, according to our weak politicians that we had voted for, illegal aliens in American can not do no wrong! they have given America to them, our employment, our schools and colleges, social services, medical, wic programs, head start programs, birthrights, low income housing, sec 8 programs, toys for tot programs. They don’t care about all the hell American citizens has to go through, when they have to stand second in line to all of these programs in their own country America, in which they have statuses!THIS IS NOT FAIR AT ALL!

    Illegal aliens always in the first of the line to financial aids, American citizens now are always second in line, actually American citizens are second in line to almost everything in America, especially California where i live,
    America has been given to the Hispanic race, you can not go any place, with out being greeted by Hispanics in 90% of American employment, hardly no other cultural people are seen, especially black Americans.

    I have said it before, and i will say it again, America is being taken from underneath American citizens, by legal and illegal Hispanics, and just because our American politicians are so afraid to say no to illegal aliens, they would much rather hurt American citizens by saying yes to illegal aliens, American politicians them selves make immigration more complicated, and they do it on purpose, they leave American birthright wide open to illegal aliens, so they can have their children by the millions get an automatic citizenship, even as soon as they cross the borders without getting caught. because they don’t want to hurt the illegal alien children, they don’t want to stop our birthrights to them, they just let it go on and on, they also don’t want to do workplace raids, because they want illegal aliens to be able to keep their employment in America, again they don’t want them to be deported, because these will separate them from their American born children.
    They allow and except all the sorry excuses, strategies,and loopholes illegal aliens and all their advocates give them that helps ignore all illegal aliens wrongdoings in America.
    They seem to be winning America on all their wrongdoings, all the wrong and racist people are the American citizens, who speak and see how wrong illegal immigration is in America!

    The E-verify is not mandatory to all employers, because this also would get in the way of them keeping their employment, American politicians don’t want any kind of deportations, they continuously allow them to take employment from American citizens.

    To make everything look alright with the American citizens,they just want to sugarcoat all their wrongdoings by giving illegal aliens a path to citizens,(AMNESTY!). and just slap American in the face with this, because their unprofessional ism they want to or going to force American to live under the command of the Hispanic race, and they are pushing the Hispanic race to become over populated, by constantly giving them amnesty every time they holler for one, and now a path to citizenship, by allow them to abuse or American birthrights, allowing them to come to America to marry American citizens, have children by American citizens. If Obama gives illegal aliens a path to citizenship, this will boost the over populated Hispanic race. America again as i had said before will become Mexico,and American citizens will be under the commands of the Hispanic race, and of course Mexico! they will be buying millions of businesses, Americans will be working for them, as a matter of fact they already are!

    Our businesses now are already under management and supervised by mostly Hispanics, and because of this the majority of Hispanics are getting hired, there are hardly no diversity in our businesses any more, to me this is a terrible discrimination, it seem the Hispanics have their own affirmative action program in these businesses. you don’t have to worry about American businesses going over seas, they are being fully taken over by the Hispanic race!
    Our businesses has been given to them. I don’t mean to sound racist, actually i am far from that, i am just speaking out what i am seeing now, and what i have to deal with every time i go shopping at a mall, or have to go to a bank, hospital, medical clinics, business offices our now social security administration offices, just about every where i go!!! hardly no other Americans are employed!!

    Comment by viola | July 7, 2009

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