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North Carolina Newspapers Go Wild For Gheen!

NC Newspapers Go Wild For Gheen!
(Making Illegal Alien Supporters Scream)

July 31, 2008

by William Gheen
President of Americans for Legal Immigration PAC (ALIPAC)

My success, and that of our organization ALIPAC, is now reaching new levels in the fight against illegal immigration, especially in my home state of North Carolina! Our accomplishments are documented by the fact I’ve recently become the favorite political bad boy of the illegal alien supporting print media in my state!

You know you are doing something right, when the old guard print media in your home state goes into rabid attack mode and starts taking their lies to a new level of exposure and vulnerability. With this level of attention from these tabloid writers, I’m starting to feel like the Rodney Dangerfield of NC Politics!

It appears that some of the most staunch supporters of illegal immigration in the NC press are feeling highly threatened by ALIPAC’s operations, and my efforts, otherwise we would not be seeing this cacophony of mudslinging.

Mary Schulken of the Charlotte Observer tries to convince readers that I am like the charismatic, yet fictional Hollywood villain “Bill the Butcher” from the movie Gangs of New York. Kristin Collins of the Raleigh News and Observer wrote another highly biased article with just me versus five of my opponents, to assert that somehow I am associated with mysterious letters to Hispanic leaders that threaten death, dismemberment, and bombings! Of course the opposition leaders are reporting this to the reporter, without providing any evidence, instead of filing any police reports. And of course, there’s not a shred of evidence that I have anything to do with these alleged threats, but hey all is fair in love, war, and politics right?

Today, one of the biggest rats on the sinking ships weighed in with an attack. Scott Mooneyham, who claims he is a member of a group called the ‘Capital Press Association’, is spewing his vitriol at me claiming that ALIPAC is nothing for anyone to worry about in the upcoming elections.

Scott Mooneyham’s hit piece contains nine heavily distorted or blatantly false statements dressed up as facts in his four paragraph hit piece!

Nine lies in such a small space! I’m flattered. So far, only one newspaper has run his propaganda piece and I’m a little disappointed that more did not pick up the editorial, so we could smear more of the cracked eggs that Mooneyham has served up on their faces. Will publishers be more wary of Mooneyham’s writings in the future after this?

Scott Mooneyham has affixed his baleful glare on my progress for many years. He has been holding his tongue fighting the temptation to attack me in the open, fearful of the added credibility I would gain from such an effort.

But a great sense of calm has come to me today and has me grinning ear to ear. There are three reasons I’m happy to see these unsubstantiated attacks raining down from the ivory towers.

First, these liars who work for the opposition tabloids would not go to such great lengths and efforts, or put their character shortcomings on display on this scale, if they did not feel threatened by our strength and accomplishments in the battle for immigration enforcement. Each writer is going after me personally or with some set of details outside of the illegal immigration issue. It’s the only option they have because they are afraid to challenge me on the issue because they now know my stances are favored by a large majority of their readers.

Two, we are winning! As a seasoned campaign professional, I know the rules on negative attacks. The candidate or group that is in the lead does not resort to negative attacks on their opponent because they are in the lead. Launching negative attacks on your opponents, instead of addressing the issues, is a sign of a losing campaign which trails behind the leader.

Three, from my extensive personal experience of bringing down entrenched corrupt political status quos in the past, this kind of screaming is a sign of the end for my adversaries.

In battles where this kind of wild and desperate screaming did not emanate from my opposition, we usually lost, but in cases where it did, it was a sign of their impending collapse.

For Mary Schulken, Kristen Collins, and Scott Mooneyham, to play these cards it means that they are finally seeing the writing on the wall. The telltale hearts of their past misdeeds, bias, censorship, and slaughter of the truth is coming back to haunt them in Shakespearian fashion.

While I could easily respect these tabloid writers for having a different opinion than me on immigration, and I could even respect that only a small segment of the population shares their views, I cannot respect their willingness to lie to the public. I cannot respect their refusal to report crimes, when the culprits are illegal aliens caught murdering, gang raping, and assaulting our innocent citizens.

They are exposing themselves as anathemas to real journalism because they are more concerned about influencing the opinions of readers than reporting the facts.

Their guilty consciences are showing and manifesting in their personal attacks on me.

I’m the one trying to save lives and they are the ones supporting inaction and policies that are resulting in preventable deaths and suffering.

Most importantly, the thing that I believe is really setting these fiction writers on the warpath is that they are finally starting to realize that their monopoly on information flow has been broken.

They fear the fact that I’ve been on seven talk radio shows, in this state on a regular basis, warning listeners about the bias and censorship we face in the papers. They have lost control of political debates when they see me on Fox, CNN, MSNBC, or CBS, as well as many local TV stations expressing my opinions to the public about illegal immigration.

My direct contact and sizable support from NC Lawmakers drives them even futher up the wall. To my knowledge, they have never faced organized resistance to their radical and unpopular politics, with this level of sophistication before.

I have described many of these papers as dinosaurs breathing their last gasps of comet dust, soon to expire because they cannot compete in the more egalitarian and populist new media.

I’m more of a messenger in this equation than a leader, and they certainly want to shoot the messenger because my words burn their eyes and ears. I speak for voices they want silenced!

I’m smiling today because one of my top motivations for creating ALIPAC was to bypass their information hegemony in this state.

The fact that they have finally drawn their mighty pens, dripping poisonous ink, against me is a testament to my growing notoriety and influence. My abilities to confront them come from two sources. The people who support me and my goals empower me, and I invite the Lord to dwell within my heart, as much as possible.

After all, if these people did their jobs right there would be no concealed information for me to share with the public, and state policies could be crafted in an atmosphere of truth and clarity. I am meeting the demands they have neglected.

The chickens are coming home to roost in North Carolina, and I am but the first bird of the morning breaking the silence of the night to greet the glow of the approaching sunrise in the Eastern sky.

Let’s all raise our voices in a chorus for the new dawn of truth, which will send these shrieking unclean and hateful birds back into the political darkness where they belong.

Soon, NC Lawmakers and real reporters across the state will read this response, as well as, hundreds of thousands of online readers, but most importantly this will be read by Mary Schulken, Kristen Collins, and Scott Mooneyham several times over.

William Gheen is a veteran campaign consultant working professionally for over 44 Republican and Democratic campaigns in North Carolina. He also serves as President of ALIPAC or Americans for Legal Immigration PAC, which is one of the largest organizations in America fighting against Amnesty and illegal immigration. William Gheen is the host of the Last Americans Standing Show and Director of the National Illegal Immigration Boycott Coalition (NIIBC). Gheen has also served as a legislative assistant and two tour Assistant Sgt-At-Arms in the NC Legislature, Sr. Class President of East Carolina University (95), and a statewide officer for the NC Democratic Party during college. He led a political revolt against Mary Schulken’s political allies on the Greenville, NC City Council in the 90’s which led to the resignation of the Mayor, City Manager, Chief of Police, and four members of the Council.


Note: ALSO READ ‘Scott Mooneyham: A Cat With Nine Lies!’


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ALIPAC: New website launched for Lou Dobbs supporters!

Friends of ALIPAC,

The results of our online surveys from our supporter base is clear. About 90% of our supporters are behind Thompson, Paul, Hunter, or Romney for President. Also, 84% of you either support Lou Dobbs as a Presidential candidate or would do so, if your favorite candidate does not win the GOP or Democratic nomination. We are pleased to announce the launch of

Today’s “Draft Lou Dobbs for President” effort is not an endorsement of Lou Dobbs and should not detract from any other campaign. We are pleased to offer this resource to the 84% of ALIPAC supporters who have expressed an interest.

We have launched this site for the following reasons.

1. To give Lou Dobbs supporters a mechanism to express their support.

2. To increase pressure on both the Dems and Reps to get their house in order on border security and immigration enforcement.

3. To show Lou Dobbs and the nation what kind of support is out there for him.

4. To have some Lou Dobbs supporters organized, in case it becomes necessary for us to strengthen and formalize our calls for him to run or if McCain, Huckabee, or Rudy win the primary. If Lou Dobbs gets into the race late, he will need help fast and we will donate the supporter list and website to his campaign.

For those of you supporting a candidate, please understand our strategy here.

For those of you who are supporting one of the pro-amnesty candidates, we ask that you stick with ALIPAC in support of our broader goals, although we disagree on the Presidential campaigns.

Please take action today with the following activities.

1. Please visit and sign up as a supporter and sign our guest book. Please use the “contact” feature to report any problems or errors you spot on the new site.

2. Please read today’s press release and send it to any national or local media contacts you have. Please try to mention the site and this effort in your calls into talk radio shows.


3. If you have a website, please use the Link to Us feature to mount links to If you participate in online Discussion Groups, please post links to the site there.

We are doing our best at ALIPAC to navigate the difficult situation posed by the Presidential campaigns as they stand today.

We have found that some of our conservative supporters do not like Lou Dobbs because they believe he is a liberal because he is on the CNN network and has been critical of the President’s policies. We ask that you take a closer look at Mr. Dobbs if you are under this false impression.

We value your support and feedback and ask that all of our supporters in rival campaigns keep it respectful. We are all fighting on the same side here today.


ALIPAC’s Lou Dobbs Survey Results (Approx 10% of our 25,000 responding)

Would I support CNN Anchor Lou Dobbs for President?

Yes! Immediately! 70.30% (1714)
Yes, but only if my candidate loses the primary. 13.95% (340)
Undecided 5.78% (141)
No! With some reservations. 4.10% (100)
No! Under any circumstances! 5.87% (143)

Total Votes: 2438

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Immigration Groups Having An Effect On Huckabee On The Ground In Iowa

From Diggers Realm:

By Digger

The Iowa initiative being held over the past 4 days by ALIPAC, Voice of the People USA, 9/11 Families for a Secure America, 20 talk radio stations and FAIR are having an impact on Mike Huckabee and his numbers are falling like a rock!

Mitt Romney has regained the lead in Iowa after the 4 day mission to expose Huckabee for the fraud he is regarding illegal immigration.

Arizona Republic

… Mitt Romney has regained the lead among Iowa Republicans as Mike Huckabee has lost momentum and support, even among the evangelical Christians who had propelled him into the top spot just weeks ago….

[Brad Coker of Mason-Dixon Polling & Research] said, “Romney has rebounded, and the Huckabee bubble may have burst.

“Last time, Huckabee was getting all the good press and nobody had put him under any scrutiny. . . . Now he’s under the spotlight, and he’s started to wilt a little.”

This is absolutely great news and my hat is off to the groups who have been out there on the ground going door to door and making phone calls.

This just in from William Gheen of ALIPAC

Our team in Iowa has conducted over 25 talk radio interview broadcasts into Iowa and other locations around the nation. We have kept our message clear that Huckabee is trying to deceive the voters, is pro-amnesty, favors benefits for illegals, and that the endorsement of solo Minuteman Jim Gilchrist is opposed by our movement. Absolutely NO leaders have joined him in his support of the Huckster.Huckabee has Gilchrist on the media bus with him traveling across Iowa to try and deceive voters about his current and past stances on illegal immigration.

ALIPAC has purchased a barrage of radio ads that will run on Tuesday and Wednesday, which will reinforce our message. We have targeted 43,000 likely Republican voter households with our message and received a 6 to 1 feedback in our favor.

Our efforts are having an impact. Huckabee’s numbers are dropping rapidly. We must prove that our collective efforts can expose a fraud and that being on the wrong side of this issue will cost a candidate their chances at winning.

I hope Huckabee loses and I hope all candidates look around and realize that Americans have had enough of the same lip service regarding illegal immigration. His record speaks for itself and nothing he can say will ever change that.

Good job guys!

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Leaders Rebuke Minuteman’s Endorsement of Mike Huckabee for President

December 17, 2007

Contact: Americans for Legal Immigration PAC (ALIPAC), (866) 329-3999,

The immigration enforcement movement, which is made up of hundreds of organizations, was stunned to hear of Minuteman Co-Founder, Jim Gilchrist’s, endorsement of pro-amnesty Presidential candidate Mike Huckabee and over 80 organization leaders have signed a letter rebuking him for the endorsement.

The letter, found at, also rebukes Mike Huckabee’s deplorable record in favor of amnesty for illegal aliens, supporting in-state tuition for illegal aliens, and his verbal attacks on Americans who support enforcement of immigration laws. Signatures include those of the Executive Board of Minuteman Project and the Co-Founder of the Minutemen, Chris Simcox, as well as many independent Minuteman groups.

Copy of Letter and List of 80 Organizations Signed

While Huckabee has released a 9 point immigration plan which appears to be strong on enforcement, the plan lies when it claims that illegal aliens would be given 120 days to leave the US and get in line. His plan imitates the pro-enforcement positions of Mark Krikorian of the Center for Immigration Studies, but in truth, Huckabee intends for illegal aliens to leave for a day and then return legally.

Huckabee’s true intentions to provide illegal aliens with a ‘touch back’ amnesty is found in his interview with Fox News Sunday: “Choosing the President” which aired on Dec 9, 2007 where he states…

“Look, if we can get a credit card application done within hours, it shouldn’t take years to get a work permit to come here and pick lettuce… You do have a pathway to get back here legally that would take days, maybe weeks, not years.”

“Americans want illegal aliens to leave as the current law states they must,” says William Gheen of ALIPAC. “The problem with Mike Huckabee and Jim Gilcrhist is they are trying to trick Americans by not telling voters that the illegal aliens only leave for a day, if that, under the Huckabee Amnesty plan. We want to warn America about this trick!”

ALIPAC speculates that many illegal aliens would be allowed to go to their consulates inside the US, which legally qualify as foreign soil, to pick up their new paperwork under this plan.

Over 80 leaders are standing together to rebuke Mike Huckabee and Jim Gilchrist for perpetrating this deceptive amnesty plan on American voters. ALIPAC is considering commissioning a phone poll into 50,000 Republican households in Iowa to ask, “Do you support Mike Huckabee’s plan to have illegal aliens leave and walk back in legally within a day?”

Signed by 79 leaders of Immigration Enforcement Groups!

In reaction to Jim Gilchrist’s (Co-Founder of Minutemen) lone endorsement of pro-amnesty Presidential Candidate Mike Huckabee:

We, the undersigned, state that our organizations stand against racism and Amnesty for illegal aliens. Instead, we stand for the enforcement of our existing immigration laws, the securing of America’s borders, and attrition enforcement.

We have dedicated our efforts to fighting illegal immigration and we are compelled to warn the American public about the immigration stance and record of Presidential Candidate Mike Huckabee.

We denounce Jim Gilchrist’s solo endorsement of a pro-amnesty and Open Borders candidate for President. Mr. Gilchrist does NOT speak for us!

Mike Huckabee is pro-amnesty and favors a “path to citizenship” for illegal aliens currently in the US, which would require a lifting of the current penalties.

Mike Huckabee is against ICE raids and decried them in his home state, when illegal aliens were arrested at companies that financially support his campaigns.

Mike Huckabee supports benefits for illegal aliens such as taxpayer subsidized in-state tuition.

Governor Huckabee also favors a “touchback” provision, which we feel is a trick to confuse voters. He would have illegal aliens leave for a day, pick up new papers, and then reenter the US LEGALLY, which is not the back of the immigration line! He has stated that illegal aliens could leave and “You do have a pathway to get back here legally that would take days, maybe weeks, not years.”

Mike Huckabee supported Comprehensive Immigration Reform Amnesty that failed in the US Senate and was rejected by a large majority of Americans. He stated that those who opposed the legislation are “driven by racism or nativism.”

Mike Huckabee has distorted the goals of “attrition enforcement” and the positions of Mark Krikorian by adding visa expansions, expedited visas, and “touchback”, which would counteract enforcement measures.

In truth, Mike Huckabee’s stances on the illegal immigration issue are out of line with the vast majority of Americans.

SIGNED (Signatures are tentative based on revisions and review)

William Gheen
Americans for Legal Immigration PAC

Ron Woodard
NC Listen Border Project

Peter Gadiel
9/11 Families for A Secure America

Dan Sheehy
Author of “Fighting Immigration Anarchy: American Patriots Battle to Save the Nation”

Citizens Against Illegal Aliens

Danny Smith
American Freedom Riders

Wanda Piety
Save America Fund

Brook Young
Immigration Watchdog

Andy Ramirez
Friends of the Border Patrol

Sandra Beene
Co-founder TX Minutemen

Hal Washburn
MCDC Washington State

Allen Taylor
Hoosiers for Secure Borders

Jack McDermott
Pennsylvanians Against Illegal Immigration

Joseph L. Ray
MCDC Chapter Leader

Jeff Wilson
Report and Deport

S. Byron Gassaway
Rescue Without Borders

Melissa Gardner
Let Freedom Ring America

Michael Apple
Minutemen Civil Defense Corps.
California-North Bay Chapter

Johnny Tex
Johnny Tex and the Texicans

Gianluca Zanna
Co-Founder Mohave County Minutemen

Ruthie Hendrycks
Minnesotans Seeking Immigration Reform

Steve Hampton
Protect Our Borders

Hayward Vickery Jr.
US Border Watch

Michael Franks
Former Texas State Republican Executive Committee Member.
Former Political Director, Texas Republican Liberty Caucu

Teela Roche & Mark Thies
South Carolinians for Immigration Moderation

Margaretann Bianculli
Greater Farmingville Citizens’ Association

Bill Strong

Jon Healy

Wally McCormick
Utah Minuteman

Phyllis Sears
Citizens Council on Illegal Immigration

Barb Coe
California Coalition for Immigration Reform

Daniel Smeriglio & Andrew Woodring
Voice of the people U.S.A

Bob Cox
Patriots Border Alliance

Steve Salvi
Ohio Jobs & Justice PAC

Bob Baker & Leon Donahue
Washingtonians For Immigration Reform

Michael A. Jackson
Government for the People

Tony Dolz
U.S. Congressional Candidate (California 30th District)
MCDC California

Carl Braun
State Leader MCDC- CA

Dan Amato
Digger’s Realm

Jeff Schwilk
San Diego Minutemen

Joe Turner & Chelene Nightingale
Save Our State

Conner Collier
V.P. of U.S. Border Watch

Joe & Barb McCutchen
Arkansas Freedom

A. B. Flanagan, III

Jan Herron, Columnist
Magic City Morning Star

Robert M. Copley Sr.
Colorado Minutemen

Burr Deitz
New York Constitution Party

Paul Streitz
CT Citizens for Immigration Control

Janie McCormick
Constitution Coalition

Saul Lisauskas
Stopp SPP & NAU

Frosty Wooldridge
Author & Paul Revere Riders

Kathy McKee, founder/chairman
Protect Arizona NOW

Lupe Moreno
Latino Americans for Immigration Reform (LAIR)

Ted Hayes
Los Angeles Activist

Nedd Kareiva
Stop the ACLU Coalition

Peter B. Gemma
columnist, Middle American News

Paul & Jo Separk
The MidNight Writers

Frank Jorge
Antelope Valley Independent Minutemen

Ron Bass
United Patriots of America

Michael Kelley
NC Voice

Duane Smith
Nevada Action Coalition

Mark Edwards
Founder of Unite to Fight 1 & 2 and Wake Up America

Scott DiBenedetto
Pahrump Minutemen

Theresa Harmon
Tennesseans for Responsible Immigration Policies

Susan Smith
Nebraskans Advisory Group

Jim Ludwick
Oregonians for Immigration Reform

Robert R. Galbreath Jr.
Citizens for a Constitutional Republic

George Gush
Boycott State Farm Insurance

Jim Palmer
Buy Direct USA

Chris Davis
America in Danger

Michael Williams
Border Hawks

Chris Simcox
Minuteman Civil Defense Corps
Co-Founder of the Minutemen

Walter Adams
PA Minutemen State Director

Joseph Ureneck
Massachusetts Citizens for Immigration Reform

Mike Vanderboegh
Alabama Minuteman Project

Dennis Murphy
Nebraska Minuteman Civil Defense Corp

Marvin Steward & Deborah Courtney
Minuteman Project Inc

Michael Strauss & John Loucome
LaPorte County Illegal Immigration Taskforce

Edward & Cynthia Kolb
Desert Visions

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Mike Huckabee’s Shamnesty for Illegal Aliens!

by William Gheen
President of Americans for Legal Immigration PAC
December 12, 2007

In August of 2005, I was called for an interview by THV-TV News out of Little Rock Arkansas to comment on Governor Mike Huckabee’s comments complaining about an Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) raid on local chicken plants, which resulted in the arrest of 119 illegal aliens. What I said during the interview is even more relevant today “Governor Huckabee is known nationally as an illegal alien’s best friend!”

At the time, Mike Huckabee was known nationally for supporting in-state tuition for illegal aliens, which is massively opposed by American voters four to one! This plan forces American taxpayers to subsidize tuition for illegal aliens, thus replacing American students in the limited seats in colleges, while providing the wrong message and encouraging more people to illegally immigrate and bring their children into the U.S. to be trained for jobs, it is illegal for them to have! Read more…

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