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Someone To Keep An Eye On: Bob Onder

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I received a call last night from Dr. Bob Onder’s Internet Outreach Director. We chatted for about a half an hour and he asked that I check out Bob Onder, so I did.

As we are faced with a choice between excrement sandwiches for president this year, Senate and Congressional races are more important than ever, especially for those opposing amnesty and supporting (actually) secure borders (yes I’m looking at you McAmnesty! Oh, and you too Obama!)

Now as I told the rep I won’t go so far as to support Mr. Onder as of yet, however there are some things that definitely move me toward him as a ’secure borders’ candidate. The first? This muddled statement from his opponent on what constitutes amnesty and what we should do about it

Tribune managing editor Jim Robertson asked Luetkemeyer point blank whether he would “carry the banner for amnesty.” This was his response:

Luetkemeyer defined amnesty as “totally forgiving somebody” and “forgetting about their crimes” and “wiping the slate clean and allowing them to stay.”

In an interview on Wednesday, Luetkemeyer said his intention is to support policies where illegal immigrants are found and documented to inform officials know who they are. Luetkemeyer said that he would not support giving illegal immigrants any preference in a guest worker program after they are forced to leave the country.

“They have been here illegally and therefore they have to go through the whole process — like everybody else does — of getting back into country,” Luetkemeyer said. “Anybody who’s trying to misrepresent that is really stretching what’s going on. But my intention is… we got to find them, document them, get them out of the country. If they’re people who are trained, who’ve been successful at this point – put them at the back of the line and let them go back through the process. And certainly what we need to do is raise the number of people we have coming to this country, maybe change the visa system so we can extend those visas for longer than the period of time that we’re getting right now. Those are all options and ways to present this problem.”

“But absolutely, positively under no circumstances do we allow these people the freedom to stay in this country without some sort of penalty down the road,” he added.

So if I’m understanding this correctly: we need to document illegal aliens so we can remove them only to allow them back in if they’re skilled enough to take an AMERICAN JOB? Oh, and then punish them, presumably with backrubs and fine European chocolates?

He’s received an endorsement from Phyllis Schafly of the Eagle Forum. Here’s what she had to say: I am happy to endorse Dr. Bob Onder. Bob is a proven leader on all the issues important to Missouri families and Eagle Forum members. He led the fight against the HPV vaccine mandate and authored a bill to crack down on illegal immigration.”

Local MO. blog reflectionsofaparalytic consider Onder’s running “great news” and they consider him “wonderfully faith and family oriented,” and strongly pro-life.

To quote them further: Since we may have little to hope for as far as our next President is concerned, it is vitally important that we work to help elect good, principled leaders on the local, state and congressional levels.

To take that idea a step further, instead of trying to magically elect a president who will support us why don’t we begin raising up leaders for the position so that when public opinion catches up with the clearly expressed will of the people we will have good folks in place to pick up the mantle?

D. Onder definitely seems like someone to keep an eye on, and if we’re serious about securing our borders and dealing with immigration we need to be supporting guys like Bob Onder, even if we don’t live in their districts.

All politics is local now folks, and its up to us to find and nurture candidates like Bob Onder if we want to try to make a change in Washington.

Couple of things that I like about Bob so far, he is reaching out to the internet, as far as I’m concerned any candidate that seems afraid of the internet knows that he is supporting positions that he shouldn’t and knows we’ll cut him no slack unlike the lapdog media. He was also vice-chair of the Missouri Special Committee on Immigration.

And he is saying that he will oppose amnesty and work to secure our borders. If he’s serious and sticks to this pledge he’ll certainly have our support.

Please let us know of any other candidates that we need to be supporting out there, it is critically important that we elect folks that will be a brick wall against the open borders desires of Obama/McCain.

You can check out his campaign site here.

FYI: I am receiving no compensation of any kind for this post.

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McCain: The Illegal Immigration Candidate

Posted by Willmoore on Jan 29th, 2008

Say what you will about McCain, but he is a man who sticks to his principles, come what may. For example, the principle that 12 million illegals should be given amnesty and allowed to continue working in the United States.


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Liberal Huckabee Says Immigration Enforcement ‘Sheer Folly’ Wants Amnesty

 Federal Level:

2006: Supported President Bush’s immigration plan and claimed that opposition to Bush’s proposal was driven by “racism or nativism” and that it wasn’t amnesty. (Ralph Hallow, “Huckabee ‘Serious’ About Presidency,” Washington Times, 5/17/06)

Wrote in his 2007 book that implementing strict enforcement of immigration laws “would be sheer folly” and that it made sense to give “those here illegally a process through which they pay a reasonable fine in admission of their guilt for the past infraction of violating our border laws and agree to adhere to a pathway toward legal status and citizenship.” (Mike Huckabee, From Hope to Higher Ground, 2007, p. 117-118)

In Arkansas:

As Governor, Huckabee fought for in-state tuition and taxpayer funded scholarships for illegal immigrants. He opposed legislation to require proof of citizenship in order to obtain public benefits and to vote. He vocally opposed a raid on a factory in Arkansas that employed illegal immigrants. And he led an effort to bring a Mexican Consulate to Arkansas – one of the main functions of the Consulate would be to issue identification cards to Mexicans living, both legally and illegally, in the U.S.

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