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North Carolina Newspapers Go Wild For Gheen!

NC Newspapers Go Wild For Gheen!
(Making Illegal Alien Supporters Scream)

July 31, 2008

by William Gheen
President of Americans for Legal Immigration PAC (ALIPAC)

My success, and that of our organization ALIPAC, is now reaching new levels in the fight against illegal immigration, especially in my home state of North Carolina! Our accomplishments are documented by the fact I’ve recently become the favorite political bad boy of the illegal alien supporting print media in my state!

You know you are doing something right, when the old guard print media in your home state goes into rabid attack mode and starts taking their lies to a new level of exposure and vulnerability. With this level of attention from these tabloid writers, I’m starting to feel like the Rodney Dangerfield of NC Politics!

It appears that some of the most staunch supporters of illegal immigration in the NC press are feeling highly threatened by ALIPAC’s operations, and my efforts, otherwise we would not be seeing this cacophony of mudslinging.

Mary Schulken of the Charlotte Observer tries to convince readers that I am like the charismatic, yet fictional Hollywood villain “Bill the Butcher” from the movie Gangs of New York. Kristin Collins of the Raleigh News and Observer wrote another highly biased article with just me versus five of my opponents, to assert that somehow I am associated with mysterious letters to Hispanic leaders that threaten death, dismemberment, and bombings! Of course the opposition leaders are reporting this to the reporter, without providing any evidence, instead of filing any police reports. And of course, there’s not a shred of evidence that I have anything to do with these alleged threats, but hey all is fair in love, war, and politics right?

Today, one of the biggest rats on the sinking ships weighed in with an attack. Scott Mooneyham, who claims he is a member of a group called the ‘Capital Press Association’, is spewing his vitriol at me claiming that ALIPAC is nothing for anyone to worry about in the upcoming elections.

Scott Mooneyham’s hit piece contains nine heavily distorted or blatantly false statements dressed up as facts in his four paragraph hit piece!

Nine lies in such a small space! I’m flattered. So far, only one newspaper has run his propaganda piece and I’m a little disappointed that more did not pick up the editorial, so we could smear more of the cracked eggs that Mooneyham has served up on their faces. Will publishers be more wary of Mooneyham’s writings in the future after this?

Scott Mooneyham has affixed his baleful glare on my progress for many years. He has been holding his tongue fighting the temptation to attack me in the open, fearful of the added credibility I would gain from such an effort.

But a great sense of calm has come to me today and has me grinning ear to ear. There are three reasons I’m happy to see these unsubstantiated attacks raining down from the ivory towers.

First, these liars who work for the opposition tabloids would not go to such great lengths and efforts, or put their character shortcomings on display on this scale, if they did not feel threatened by our strength and accomplishments in the battle for immigration enforcement. Each writer is going after me personally or with some set of details outside of the illegal immigration issue. It’s the only option they have because they are afraid to challenge me on the issue because they now know my stances are favored by a large majority of their readers.

Two, we are winning! As a seasoned campaign professional, I know the rules on negative attacks. The candidate or group that is in the lead does not resort to negative attacks on their opponent because they are in the lead. Launching negative attacks on your opponents, instead of addressing the issues, is a sign of a losing campaign which trails behind the leader.

Three, from my extensive personal experience of bringing down entrenched corrupt political status quos in the past, this kind of screaming is a sign of the end for my adversaries.

In battles where this kind of wild and desperate screaming did not emanate from my opposition, we usually lost, but in cases where it did, it was a sign of their impending collapse.

For Mary Schulken, Kristen Collins, and Scott Mooneyham, to play these cards it means that they are finally seeing the writing on the wall. The telltale hearts of their past misdeeds, bias, censorship, and slaughter of the truth is coming back to haunt them in Shakespearian fashion.

While I could easily respect these tabloid writers for having a different opinion than me on immigration, and I could even respect that only a small segment of the population shares their views, I cannot respect their willingness to lie to the public. I cannot respect their refusal to report crimes, when the culprits are illegal aliens caught murdering, gang raping, and assaulting our innocent citizens.

They are exposing themselves as anathemas to real journalism because they are more concerned about influencing the opinions of readers than reporting the facts.

Their guilty consciences are showing and manifesting in their personal attacks on me.

I’m the one trying to save lives and they are the ones supporting inaction and policies that are resulting in preventable deaths and suffering.

Most importantly, the thing that I believe is really setting these fiction writers on the warpath is that they are finally starting to realize that their monopoly on information flow has been broken.

They fear the fact that I’ve been on seven talk radio shows, in this state on a regular basis, warning listeners about the bias and censorship we face in the papers. They have lost control of political debates when they see me on Fox, CNN, MSNBC, or CBS, as well as many local TV stations expressing my opinions to the public about illegal immigration.

My direct contact and sizable support from NC Lawmakers drives them even futher up the wall. To my knowledge, they have never faced organized resistance to their radical and unpopular politics, with this level of sophistication before.

I have described many of these papers as dinosaurs breathing their last gasps of comet dust, soon to expire because they cannot compete in the more egalitarian and populist new media.

I’m more of a messenger in this equation than a leader, and they certainly want to shoot the messenger because my words burn their eyes and ears. I speak for voices they want silenced!

I’m smiling today because one of my top motivations for creating ALIPAC was to bypass their information hegemony in this state.

The fact that they have finally drawn their mighty pens, dripping poisonous ink, against me is a testament to my growing notoriety and influence. My abilities to confront them come from two sources. The people who support me and my goals empower me, and I invite the Lord to dwell within my heart, as much as possible.

After all, if these people did their jobs right there would be no concealed information for me to share with the public, and state policies could be crafted in an atmosphere of truth and clarity. I am meeting the demands they have neglected.

The chickens are coming home to roost in North Carolina, and I am but the first bird of the morning breaking the silence of the night to greet the glow of the approaching sunrise in the Eastern sky.

Let’s all raise our voices in a chorus for the new dawn of truth, which will send these shrieking unclean and hateful birds back into the political darkness where they belong.

Soon, NC Lawmakers and real reporters across the state will read this response, as well as, hundreds of thousands of online readers, but most importantly this will be read by Mary Schulken, Kristen Collins, and Scott Mooneyham several times over.

William Gheen is a veteran campaign consultant working professionally for over 44 Republican and Democratic campaigns in North Carolina. He also serves as President of ALIPAC or Americans for Legal Immigration PAC, which is one of the largest organizations in America fighting against Amnesty and illegal immigration. William Gheen is the host of the Last Americans Standing Show and Director of the National Illegal Immigration Boycott Coalition (NIIBC). Gheen has also served as a legislative assistant and two tour Assistant Sgt-At-Arms in the NC Legislature, Sr. Class President of East Carolina University (95), and a statewide officer for the NC Democratic Party during college. He led a political revolt against Mary Schulken’s political allies on the Greenville, NC City Council in the 90’s which led to the resignation of the Mayor, City Manager, Chief of Police, and four members of the Council.


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