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Please sign North Carolina Governor candidate Bill Graham’s petition on Illegal Aliens

We the undersigned call on the General Assembly to do the following immediately:

Whereas, North Carolina has become a mecca for illegal aliens.

And whereas, illegal aliens in North Carolina account for 25 percent of the growth in local school enrollment, crowding our schools, forcing local property taxpayers to build new ones.

And whereas, illegal aliens crowd our jails, get free care in our hospitals, are eligible for food stamps and other social services.

And whereas, the cost of providing education, health care and other social services to illegal aliens amounts to 250 million dollars a year in North Carolina.

And whereas, North Carolina even registers voters in Spanish.

And whereas, there are documented cases of illegal aliens registered to vote in North Carolina.

And whereas, while North Carolina is a welcoming state to immigrants, we are also a nation of laws.

Therefore, be it resolved, we the undersigned, call on the North Carolina Legislature to enact the following steps:

1. No driver’s licenses for illegal aliens

2. Require Voter Identification Cards

3. No access to public benefit programs for illegal aliens

4. Employer Sanctions

5. Make English the true official language of the State of North Carolina

6. End bilingual education in public schools in favor of English transition and immersion

7. Enhance the ability of local law enforcement to apprehend illegal aliens and enforce immigration laws

8. Outlaw Sanctuary City Status: Charlotte, Carrboro, Chapel Hill, Durham, Raleigh, and Winston-Salem

Be it hereby further resolved, that we call on Congress to enact any conforming changes in law that are necessary to stop providing social welfare benefits to illegal aliens and make English the official language.

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Bill Graham, Candidate for North Carolina Governor speaks to bloggers

By NC Voice
January 15, 2008

North Carolina Governor candidate Bill Graham ( ) took time to speak with several bloggers about issues facing North Carolinians. NC Voice was invited to participate in the conference call.

We expected a political speech, but instead he opened the meeting by asking us for questions. “When I am elected, there will be weekly conference calls with constituent groups throughout the state”, Mr. Graham states.

Most of the questions are about illegal immigration. An issue he is very clear about.

  • The 287(g) program should be expanded beyond sheriff’s departments; to all levels of law enforcement, including local police and DMV.
  • Allowing illegal aliens into our college system takes seats away from North Carolinian students and workers that need training
  • Certainly supports foreign students with valid visa’s; students that overstay their visa’s should be sent home
  • Support the needs of farmers who need workers, but they need to obey the rules — need to get back to the days where the workers come and do the work and then leave to go home when they are done

We had an opportunity to ask about the work NC Voice is doing:

“NC Voice has investigated construction and services businesses in Alamance county and has found over 40 that do not hold privilege licenses, do not withhold employment taxes, and do not list business assets for taxes. The State Attorney General’s office has not helped with the investigation. Local government has provided very little help. As Governor, is this something Mr. Graham would be able to help with? Would he support something similar to the employer workforce accountability program in Missouri ( )?”

The answer was “absolutely I would help”. He has several businesses and doesn’t want other businesses to gain an illegal or improper advantage. Again, it is viewed as clearcut right or wrong type of issue.

“The department of revenue should be able to handle” with current laws and if they are not, someone should “go have a fireside chat with them”. Mr. Graham would employ every “ways and means available to make the illegal businesses comply”.

We want to thank Mr. Graham and his staff for inviting us. We welcome the opportunity to speak with candidates about illegal immigration and the effects it has on our community.

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